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Tuesday after lunch I had a very tedious trip to a friend's house, it was blasting down with rain, but something in my soul told me that the drive was going to be different. Twenty eight miles, 30 minutes along a mix of rural single and an arterial dual carriageway, nothing special, a trip I've done a hundred times recently. Not the most of inspiring of drives in an uninspiring SUV in horrid weather.

The roads were quiet which was a good start, radio was tuned to Radio 4 for the lunchtime news. Amazingly I was able to drive the roads quite comfortably at the signed or National Speed Limit and as soon as I joined the Dual at a steady 75.

This programme came on and added to the beauty of the drive - listen to it and I defy you not to recognise that there is some joy still left in the world.


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Extremely beautiful piece, I agree. It helps to balance some of the ugliness of the world.

I could not listen to great stuff in the car though - it is too frustrating to attempt it. I hate missing the quiet passages when they are drowned out by the engine, suspension, tyre and wind noises.

At home, though, it is a different story. Comfy chair, headphones and a cup of tea - bliss.
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Beauty of iPlayer !
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I like that sort of music but not for driving to. Maybe if I was taking an old car on it's last trip to the scrapyard, though!
Drving synergy. - maz64

Full 12 minutes here (free - you have to listen to a 2 second advert before it starts):

EDIT: track 1

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