Chauffeur anyone? - Optimist
Occasionally on the TV I see someone getting into the back of a chauffeur driven car and I think: now I would like that.

Obviously, you'd need the appropriate car to make it worthwhile, and I'm not ruling out taking the wheel myself from time to time, but if money were no object would you enjoy being driven around?

Chauffeur anyone? - alfatrike
there's a guy in devon that does it. works out cheaper than a taxi!
Chauffeur anyone? - LikedDrivingOnce
>>Obviously you'd need the appropriate car to make it worthwhile and I'm not ruling out
taking the wheel myself from time to time but if money were no object would
you enjoy being driven around?

Absolutely! If I won big on the lottery, I wouldn't buy several supercars like some winners do. I'd just buy one nice limo and hire a chauffeur, and never drive again.

If there is a hell, and the punishments are tailored to the person, then mine will be driving a manual 1980's Ford Fiesta Quartz (45bhp) for all eternity.

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Chauffeur anyone? - Avant
Any Fiesta (apart perhaps from the one that Rattle used to own) would be heaven compared with a side-valve Ford 8 / Anglia / Popular.

Each to their own: if I won the lottery I'd want to drive more, not less. You can't buy independence and freedom. We'd have some fun cars but probably keep the Octavia and Mini as they are both excellent at the job they're designed to do.
Chauffeur anyone? - Pugugly
Same here Avant - having more or less retired, I now drive and ride as much as ever, the difference being I enjoy it ! I think a nice little Aston 4 door or Maserati Quatrroporte as multi role vehicles. I would re-employ my ex- PA of two years as a driver come PA to me. He was ex-forces and a supremely competent and smooth driver and always stuck to the speed limits.
Chauffeur anyone? - CGNorwich
Definitely not. My idea of hell. Always feel car sick as a passenger, especially in the back seat. Would sooner go by train than be a car passenger for any distance.
Chauffeur anyone? - b308
It really depends on the driver whether I'm carsick or not - having had to do several 3 hour journeys recently as a passenger its become very noticable how different people's driving habits are, even on an empty motorway at night!

If I was travelling a long distance then I'd prefer to drive, if I couldn't then first preference would be to travel by train, second a car driven by a "professional" driver such as those guys who do the Airport Chaufering and NEVER by a minicab or taxi driver!

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Chauffeur anyone? - retgwte
most of the people i know who get driven around full time sit in the back of merc E or C class, or range rovers

most go through the usual suspect cars for the first few years of wealth and end up in the mercs after a while

Chauffeur anyone? - cattleman6
The Merc. E Class would be best. Extremely comfortable to sit in and be driven in. I love that understated elegance which Mercedes do rather well. My favourite car !!!
Chauffeur anyone? - CGNorwich
I agree the style of driving makes a difference as does the type of car and suspension but sooner or later I will feel ill so I always prefer to drive. Paying for a chauffeur to make me feel ill wouldn't represent luxury to me!
Chauffeur anyone? - Mookfish
sooner or later I will feel ill so I always prefer to

Reminds me out my aunt and uncle, they live 150 miles from my elderly gran, and both get ill as pasengers so argue over who gets to drive home.

I hate being a passenger so would only have any use for a chauffer to avoid taxi's/busses when I'd had a drink.
Chauffeur anyone? - deepwith
I would like one for nights out so I could have a glass of wine or two. One for every other member of my family would be great, so I am not constantly stopping what I am doing to take them out and about. (If my husband is reading this: no, I really don't mind driving you around at any time ;-) )

Otherwise, I like my car and I like driving myself - although there are one or two cars I would like to add to the garage - for me to drive, obviously.
Chauffeur anyone? - Mr.Tee43
I'll do it !

£50,000 a year and use of the car when not required.

In return, I will keep it nice and clean and be the soul of discretion.

Many years of accident free driving and riding, no convictions and no points.

Any Offers ?
Chauffeur anyone? - SteVee
It's the one 'extra' I've always wanted on cars - a driver.
Even with my own car, I'll always try to persuade someone else to drive so I can sit in the nearside back seat.

Vx Senators were very good in the back - as were some Citroens (CX?)
The Mercedes E class (and S) were excellent. Lexus LS also very good. I would not want to drive such a car - but being a passenger is very pleasant indeed.
The Audi A4 was just awful

Slightly different with motorcycles though - I hate being a pillion passenger !
Chauffeur anyone? - BobbyG
If I won the lottery , it would be new cars and me driving!

A while back when I was made redunadant from a job, and was "in between jobs" I was offered a position of a chauffeur.

Guy was the "high heid yin" of an insurance company down Liverpool way but lived near Glasgow. Job involved driving him down on a Monday in his Range Rover and then driving back up in a pool car. Then do the the journey again on a Thursday.

Was good wages for effectively 2 days a week driving, I was very tempted but in the end a new full time job happened quicker than I thought it would.
Chauffeur anyone? - Altea Ego
I will shortly be contemplating a new career. If, say, 30 grand was to fall my way and I invested it in a nearly new mercedes e or s class, could I make decent money with collar and tie work?

And which? E class or S class?

Chauffeur anyone? - helicopter

If you need a chauffeur for an S Class..... I can help you out.

Not Mercedes S class -- Bit common and cheap.

Sikorsky S 92 , nice executive model probably set you back $26,000,000

Chauffeur anyone? - Rattle
Anything really. Maybe some naff Chyslier or Caddy. Anyway I already have one, it is called a bus :).
Chauffeur anyone? - Alanovich
With 30k to spend on a chauffering car, I'd save a few thousand and get a luvverly Phaeton. Natch.
Chauffeur anyone? - ifithelps
Seems to me you won't truly sleep easy until you buy one, will you?
Chauffeur anyone? - Alanovich
ifithelps, I am not joking when I say they have featured in dreams. However, my wife is currently wanting to downsize my Mazda 6 to a Golf sized article so I don't think the Big Ph is on the cards at the moment.

Chauffeur anyone? - Altea Ego
With 30k to spend on a chauffering car I'd save a few thousand and get
a luvverly Phaeton. Natch.

rich and self important knobs dont want to be picked up in a vee dubya.
Chauffeur anyone? - Alanovich
I'd be going for the rich-but-discreet market, AE. There's plenty of them about, right?

Chauffeur anyone? - Altea Ego
I'd be going for the rich-but-discreet market AE. There's plenty of them about right?

Are you trying to claim to be either?

;-P ;-P ;-P
Chauffeur anyone? - Alanovich
I'd say more comfortable-but-concerned-about-my-pension and discreet.

Chauffeur anyone? - SteVee
A phaeton would be very good - quad zone climate and plenty of room.
I don't want to own it, or show it to anyone. I just want it to turn up - nice and clean (especially inside) take me where I want to go and then disappear.
Another thing - I want a woman driver, I don't wany any of that testosterone rubbish while I'm being ferried around.

Can someone please buy me a winning ticket for the Euro-Millions ? I'm just too lazy to buy one :-)
yes, I'm wondering why I'm on a car site too !
Chauffeur anyone? - Altea Ego
Sikorsky S 92 nice executive model probably set you back $26 000 000

Alas, you cant park it up and tout for business outside Heathrow or gatwick with that
Chauffeur anyone? - helicopter

Alas, you cant park it up and tout for business ....

Oh yes you can... Its just the same really as a cab .

You park your helicopters up at an airport and tout for provide a pilot instead of a chauffeur

Only its the air side of the barriers... and its much more expensive.
Chauffeur anyone? - Altea Ego
Only its the air side of the barriers... and its much more expensive.

Slight problem with your plan - You dont have landing rights at Heathrow
Chauffeur anyone? - helicopter

Not Heathrow - nasty place....

......but I do at one of Londons major airports....
Chauffeur anyone? - Lud
In my market research days in the sixties I nearly started a company with a friend who was significantly madder than I was. I felt we could do really well testing advertising if our company car was a white Edsel driven by a cool black chauffeuse. I knew that advertising men would get the joke and find it irresistible. Unfortunately my friend didn't really get it. The poor fellow was from Cheshire after all.

In my childhood I went sometimes in cars driven by military drivers or chauffeurs with peaked caps. The former could be rough but the latter were always good drivers, discreet, smooth and brisk. When I was a nipper and we lived abroad my father had a local driver for his service car. His driving must have been all right because my father sometimes let him drive. He also made him climb trees for rare orchids and shovel elephand dung into sacks for the garden. He didn't seem to mind so I suppose bungs were involved.

Tycoons' chauffeurs lead a pretty boring life. They often have to sit in the car doing nothing for hours at a time.