05 2.0 Missing instruction booklets! - chris2127
Here's an easy one... I have just bought a 55 reg 2.0 TDI GT, incluing a CD multichanger, and some of the instruction booklets were missing. The one I need is for the radio - anyone got any ideas where I can get one from?

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05 2.0 Missing instruction booklets! - Hopki
I had the same when I bought my last car - a GT TDI that I bought new. The supplying dealer eventually pinched the missing audio booklet from another car in stock!
05 2.0 Missing instruction booklets! - JohnM{P}
Never mind the booklet, did you get the control code number? Came on a separate credit card sized card. You'll need it if the unit is disconnected at some time in the future. If not, try asking the original supplying dealer.

Is it the unit with the built-in 6dc changer (RCD500)? It's fairly easy to use, though there is one thing that I've never sorted out: like many VAG units, it has the excellent capability to replay Traffic info broadcasts. You can also set the unit to record these in advance, seemingly at 2 times so that eg you can check recent TAs before you set off in the morning and after work. The manual is not very clear how it works and I'm not sure I understand it either - however I've got it working ready for the morning departure!