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Can anyone offer advice (apart from morale impeachment) or information on the consequences and probable court sanctions from getting caught driving at 120 mph on a French motorway? I paid an on the spot of Euro 750, had my licence confiscated and received a summons to appear before Bernay magistartes in October.


French Speeding - pmh3
Count yourself lucky that they did not confiscate your car on the spot!

How did you continue your journey, did you have a second driver?

Was it 130km or a 110km limit?

French Speeding - pmh3

discussed at length previously.
French Speeding - 6eworp4
130km limit. Luckily my passenger was insure to drive.

do you know what the legal process entails? Just a fine and a ban?
French Speeding - Robbie
Rather odd this. They don't give you an on the spot fine and summons you.
French Speeding - NVH
Lewis Hamilton went to court in early 2008.
"The 22 year old British driver was caught doing 122 mph (196km/h), that?s 37 mph more than the legal speed limit in France, which is 80 mph (130km/h). Hamilton had his Mercedes town away, got a one month ban from France, plus he had to pay a 600 euro (£430) fine. However, the French policemen told the press that Lewis was ?co-operative and courteous?."
French Speeding - NVH
More info from an English online newspaper in France:

Last month several British drivers were caught between 194kph and 210kph and received fines between ?750 and ?2,250 ? their cars, including two Bugatti Veyrons, two Mercedes SLR McLarens and a Ferrari F430, were not confiscated.

Note: a Belgian city trader living in Switzerland was recently clocked at 245km/h.
A new record for the A39 Lyon stretch.
Ferrari 550 Maranello.

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Some further info buried in here...


French Speeding - 832ark
I got stopped at approx 118MPH - 100Euro on the spot fine - was in 2002 mind