how much will an approved bmw dealer negotiate ? - london123
i am considering spending around 34k on a 1 year old bmw 330d m sport conv with all the extras and low mileage from a bmw dealer but wanted to ask your advice on how much they may be willing to negotiate on price ? i am a cash buyer ready to go as I have already sold my existing car and the entire money is in the bank, hence no part-ex. difficult to know how much lower to go in to start with and also as they are a top notch bmw dealer, will they negotiate at all ? what do you suggest ? and experiences or tips ? thanks
how much will an approved bmw dealer negotiate ? - Falkirk Bairn
My son bought a 525 from a Cheshire dealer and saved £3K on the Aberdeen/Edin/Glasgow Prices. They delivered for free!
how much will an approved bmw dealer negotiate ? - Cheeky
You're in a strong position, so should tell them. However, most main dealers want to fall over themselves offering people their own finance packages....

Hmmm, I would be inclined to offer 10%-15% off the sticker price, look them in the eye and then say nothing. If they act all offended, remember it is an act to make you feel embarassed or guilty. If they won't play ball, simply walk away and await their phone call 24 hours later. If they don't come back to you, just head to another BM dealer who will do the deal. Several well known online brokers can get £4000 - £5000 off new BMWs in the £35 - £40k price bracket. You should aim for the same percentage. Good luck, and enjoy the purchase.
how much will an approved bmw dealer negotiate ? - london123
thanks and even for a used car ? this wont be for a new car, its a 1 year used ? can i expect the same kind of nego or discount for one of their used cars or just on a new one ?
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I can't speak for all BMW dealers, because I've only had serious dealings with one - and they are brilliant in every way (deals. servicing, repairs etc). In 2006, when business was booming, I still got thousands off a car which was cheaper than the one that you are looking at. Brand new as well.

SWMBO was in the market for a new car a few months back and got offered 3-4K off as well. She went for a different make in the end, where she got an even better deal though.

They were doing very good offers on unregistered, new cars that they have in stock. e.g. 26K coupe for 22k. 30k coupe with leather for 25k.

Check out the garages that HJ recommends in North London.
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The technique I use is to make a low but fair offer which may or may not be refused - try to aim for a borderline price. If it's refused, look the salesman in the eye and tell him your (cash) offer is valid for 7 days - you've already given him your card. Thank him politely for his time and leave straight away.

If the offer is accepted, the bargaining starts on really worthwhile extras - forget fuel and mats.

I had one of each situation when buying my present car. I bought the second one with useful extras. Phoning the first dealer to say that my offer had been withdrawn was strangely satisfying.

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I am in a similar position (my car 330d LCI touring was written off 3 months ago) and have found prices very high and availability poor almost to the point of making a new one look better value, I've never bought new, the 330d was 3 months old when bought last xmas.

If possible try to get one with the new engine and new idrive (though I'm not fully uptospeed on the conv). You could perhaps use this as a bargaining point if the one you are looking at has the older setup.
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Since most 1yr old BMWs of that type/spec will almost certainly be sold through the approved used BMW network, I'd go to the BMW site & get details of all the cars that meet your criteria & use that as a bargaining tool - remember, the dealer you're talking to now will have access to the same info.

My approach would be: ' Look, there are several BMW AU cars I've seen that would suit me, I like your car, it's just right, but I'm ready to buy & have seen several others that suit, so I'm looking for the keenest price - what's the best price you can do on this?'

The dealer may well consult the AUC system & see several cars cheaper than his/hers (in other parts of the country etc.) & make his/her offer based on that. Let the dealers 'compete' amongst themselves in other words. Let the BMW AU car database be your friend!
how much will an approved bmw dealer negotiate ? - Andy P
Depends on the model and how much in demand they are. I only managed to get £500 of my 335d but that's because they rarely appear on the market and they have lots of buyers for them when they do surface.

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