97 1.4 Replacement Key - maximusimo

my mums key to the car broke the other day. Now a few weeks a locksmith nearby said it would prob cost around £120 to get a copy cut as had to be sent to Vauxhall, not sure why. She wanted a copy as there was a small line in the key which indicated it was gonna break soon.

Anyway, the inevitable happened and it broke yest, how can I get a replacement and at a decent price?

In Northern Ireland if that makes any difference.

Cheers in advance.
97 1.4 Replacement Key - jayeastanglia
the key will have a immobilisor chip inside it on that year...but there is a way to get round that..you can get a new chipped key and get the code off the old one transfered onto the new key..either that or tape the old key fob bit under the steering coloumn next to the ignition lock..
97 1.4 Replacement Key - Dynamic Dave
If it's not a remote locking keyfob, just take the old fob apart and swap the immobiliser transponder chip over into the replacement key fob.
97 1.4 Replacement Key - maximusimo

she's just heading to two locksmiths today to see if they can make a copy. so i'll post the results here. It's not a remote locking key so I can't see why it would be so expensive fro teh dealers. Hopefully its just a matter of taking the old one apart and transferring the chip. i'd be happy enough sticking it to the steering if it got out of paying £100+ for replacement.

anyway i'll post when get a solution.

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97 1.4 Replacement Key - bell boy
Your shoeshop repair man should be able to locate the suitable type key with chip capacity in it and copy it for about £20 - mine has to order this type in
You then need to carefully take the chip out of the old key,be aware sometimes they are glued in for some reason and are prone to get damaged easily
97 1.4 Replacement Key - maximusimo
She has just text me to say the locksmith was able to do it for £35, not great but still alot better than what the dealers quote. How the hell they can get away with it i'll never understand!!! Anyway, she's on her way home now so hopefully the key works and she'll be motoring again. Will let ye all know.
97 1.4 Replacement Key - maximusimo
yeah works 100%.

And this was just a local locksmith, well kinda local. The nearest locksmith actually referred her to the dealer.