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01 1.8 Rear suspension - shock absorbers - Little Mikey
I have a lot of knocking coming from the rear nearside suspension when driving on bumpy surfaces and the tire is wearing very badly at that side too - in particular nearest the outside, all other tires are fine.
The bushings seem fine and I think it could be down to one of three things - wheel bearing gone, shock absorber gone or the shock absorber mounts worn.
To access the top of the rear shock absorber i've removed the parcel shelf and plastic trim beside the seat (it's a 4 door saloon) but the bolt seems to be near impossible to reach - down a very small hole where an allen head and a nut can be felt, how can this be removed??
01 1.8 Rear suspension - shock absorbers - Teccy
From outside the car,follow the shocker up to the top,here you will find 2 x 10mm bolts.HTH
01 1.8 Rear suspension - shock absorbers - Little Mikey
Many thanks, i'll be off work next week so will be starting into it then
01 1.8 Rear suspension - shock absorbers - stevie 54
hi mate, read youre bit about the rear struts, how did you get on? The reason i ask is i"m doing mine next week and to be honest i"ve head that this job can be a nightmare on these cars so any tips would be appreciated. I"ve got four shocks and four Eibach lowed springs only heard good things about the springs so thoght i would try them as mine have broken anyway. I read you"re bit on the subframe bushes, i took mine out last night but i"ve replaced them with Powerflex bushes which were pish easy to go in not had a chance to run it about yet to be able to see a difference yet. Anyway if you have any tips as i said would be appreciated.
01 1.8 Rear suspension - shock absorbers - Little Mikey
Stevie 54 - hope any of this helps you

The subframe bushes and anti-roll bar bushes were destroyed, all cracked and loads of play.
You say replaced the bushes so you must know where to access the shock mounts, they are as Teccy said because I was actually looking at where the shock is loaded. Use clamps to compress the spring - the last time I was doing it there was nearly a serious injury when the spring burst the wire I was using to hold it and it took off into the sky! The toughest jobs are probably removing and replacing the hub from the shock; unbolt it, prise it open a bit then knock it off but don't abuse it! Line it up with the guides on the shock when replacing it. You'll need an extra jack or someone else to help you put it back on the car because of the weight.

When removing the brake calipers make sure to twist back the piston for when you're replacing them, don't push it back, i'm not sure why but I was told this is because of the ABS.

As for the subframe bushes I rotated them so that the groove is parallel to the side of the car, seemed most logical to me. I couldn't get the Powerflex ones, hope these ones will last.
When replacing the subframe make sure to get pins that will fit exactly into the holes behind the back two bolts, when you are putting it back on these will help to make sure it is placed square on the car.

Car is glued to the road since, no more knocking.

Any more help let me know.
01 1.8 Rear suspension - shock absorbers - Rich320d
Glad you got it fixed.

Rear subframe bushes are a common fault on the 01-07 Mondeo. When the wear out it rattles like mad.

Make sure you get the tracking/geometry reset as you've had all the rear suspension off, or you will still get erratic tyre wear.

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