02 1.8 Focus Drive shafts - Stewart_2004
Hey everyone,

Im in the middle of putting an engine back in my focus, But the drive shafts need sorting. The section that goes into the gear box have come off whats the best way to hold them back together some people have said cable ties or jubilee clips not sure whats best ?

Also on one of the drive shaft tripod bearings has come off do I need to replace the whole tripod or can I get a new bearing ?

Any help would be great.


02 1.8 Focus Drive shafts - DP
Which section has come off?

If you're talking about the rubber gaiters, most motor factors sell the special clips which work far better than jubilee clips on the large end (joint end) of the gaiter. The smaller end is generally quite a tight fit on the shaft anyway, and a stout cable tie can work fine.

The joints themselves are secured to the shaft with circlips which "snap in" to the joint as it passes over the shaft. Joints should be replaced as complete assemblies, as the parts wear together. Joint kits also come with new circlips on most occasions.

My understanding is that these tripod type joints are scrap if they've been allowed to come apart, or even allowed to bend through too acute an angle.

Don't overlook a pair of complete shafts, with joints and gaiters from a breaker. The better breakers will guarantee them - it's just fit and forget.

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02 1.8 Focus Drive shafts - Stewart_2004
Hi DP,

The sections that have come off are the inner part of the shafts that go into gearbox. On the passanger side it has a clip on the end that goes into the box at top of the splines but the driver side dosent have this.

I have seen a reconditioned drive shaft for about £30 so think I might get that but the other one just needs a new cable and grease adding. How much grease do I need to add to the boot ?