speed sensitive central locking - karen sweeney
recently bought new i20 classic, on test drive doors locked automatically as i drove off which i was told was standard , but my car hasn't done this. Phoned dealer they don't seem to think that classic has this option and are getting back to me.
Can anyone help me out ?????

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speed senstive central locking - ifithelps
My brother's Kia Cee'd did this, but I don't quite get it.

The feature appeared on traditional London cabs to prevent the passenger who mistook the door latch for the window winder from falling out at speed.

It was easily done - sliding windows and rear-hinged 'suicide' doors.

Why would this locking feature be of use on a private car?

Or is it just an automated replacement for child locks?
speed senstive central locking - audiA6tdi
Why would this locking feature be of use on a private car?

Locks the doors as a safety feature and stops you getting car-jacked.
All cars should have this as standard. Though most car ive driven have had it in the past few years.
Makes me feel safer when the Mrs drives it going through city centre at night.
speed senstive central locking - L'escargot
All cars should have this as standard.

'Er indoors is claustrophobic and if our car had this feature she wouldn't be at all happy, unless the system could be selectively made inoperative. She's not that happy when, on occasions, I lock the doors myself.

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speed senstive central locking - Armitage Shanks {p}
What does the handbook say on the subject? Usually, if it isn't fitted you lock the doors from the inside, at any time, with a dashboard switch, assuming the car has remote central locking. Mine is up near the 4 way flasher switch and has a key symbol on it.
speed senstive central locking - mikeyb
You can turn the auto locking on and off in my citroen. You just push and hold the central locking button on the dash and after a few seconds you get a "dong" sound to confirm its on or off.
speed senstive central locking - ifithelps
...Locks the doors as a safety feature and stops you getting car-jacked....

Car jacking is rare, it's virtually unknown from a moving car.

Perhaps the Cee'd didn't unlock as you came to rest, but I think it did.
speed senstive central locking - andyp
The Cee'd unlocks all the door when you remove the key from the ignition, or just the door you open if you leave the key in.

speed senstive central locking - brg190 pete

Bought an identical car for SWMBO a few weeks ago. Our car does not have this feature.
speed senstive central locking - daveyjp
"Why would this locking feature be of use on a private car?"

It's 1pm on a summer's day you are on a business trip to a strange city. You are stopped at a set of traffic lights, the passenger door opens and a young female climbs inside. She asks you if you are looking for business.

Unbeknown to you, you are in a red light district which is full of CCTV and ANPR, you have just picked up a lady of the night, the cops stop the car and arrest you.

Wish you had autolocking now?

speed senstive central locking - cepi
Wife's Auris has the auto-lock too, and i quite like that, especially when she comes home from late work shifts.
speed senstive central locking - Armitage Shanks {p}
Having the doors locked prevents one having one's stuff grabbed via passenger's door while stuck in traffic.
speed senstive central locking - andyfr
Wish you had autolocking now?

No, because I'm quite capable of pressing the button on the inside to lock the doors.
speed senstive central locking - jc2
It's been offered on both American and Japanese cars for many years.Usually have the option to disable it.

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speed sensitive central locking - daven65
hi i have the i30 and when you drive off over 15 mph doors lock. you can still open them from the inside, according to instruction book you can have this feature disabled if not required. check with garage as it might not be fitted to your model.
speed sensitive central locking - galileo
I just bought an i30 and the handbook states that if you want the autolocking , ask the dealer to enable it, so I assume this feature can be enabled or disabled by a dealer.

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