96 1.9 hydraulic pipe leak - scfc_151
My friend has a leak on the hydraulic pipe on the passenger side engine bay coming from the sphere. I was wondering if there is any repair that can be done cutting away the perforated pipe and joining it with tough rubber?
Is this system under high or low pressure?

96 1.9 hydraulic pipe leak - mjm
It's a high pressure pipe. Is it metal or a combination one?
96 1.9 hydraulic pipe leak - Peter.N.
Yes, it would be helpful if we knew which pipe it was, the diameter would assist. The small high pressure pipes can be repaired with a flaring tool and appropriate fittings, or the complete pipe replaced.
96 1.9 hydraulic pipe leak - ianjoh
I think it is the high pressure pipe that fractures where it is clamped to the innner wing. It was a common fault on earlier models and I think that Citroen done a repair kit for this as replacing the pipe is an engine out job.
I cheated this by rerouting a pipe from a breakers yard around the top of the bulkhead to the controller thingy.
96 1.9 hydraulic pipe leak - RichardW
It's usually the one to the driver's side sphere that goes under the clamp on the inner wing. Its possible to change with the engine in, just a bit awkward. If this is the supply pipe to the passenger side suspension then it will be high pressure and full or partial replacement is the only option. Shouldn't be too bad with the LHM tank out - IIRC there is a block behind there somewhere that the pipes connect onto.
96 1.9 hydraulic pipe leak - scfc_151
Hi sorry folks he give me the wrong info. Its the drivers side comming from the sphere. Its only about 2mm or so in diameter. if its high pressure I guess its needs doing properly rather than a repair job
96 1.9 hydraulic pipe leak - RichardW
It'll be leaking under the pipe clamp on the inner wing... Your local indie might be able to cut the pipe and flare the old one in place and then fit a new section of Kunifer pipe . Otherwise you will need to fit a new pipe right across the back of the engine, which is a right pain if you want to fit it back into all the clips along the bulkhead.