06 12v Remote key doesnt work - J500ANT
I've got a Prius from Enterprise, its an 08reg but MY06 on all the paperwork.

The remote key doesn't work all the time, I replaced the battery to no avail. It will lock but never unlock, so to unlock you have to remove the keyblade - which sets the alarm off.

Anyone got any ideas? Enterprise don't have the spare and Toyota dont seem interested at the moment.
06 12v Remote key doesnt work - rtj70
So is this a hire car - you refer to Enterprise. If so no hire company branch carries to spare keys.

But as a hire car this is not your problem and let them sort it, e.g. a replacement Prius.
06 12v Remote key doesnt work - J500ANT
Yes, its an Enterprise Rental job. They came to my house to have another look at it, couldn't fathom it and said "We can swap it, for a Matiz" - no thanks. I'd rather do it the old fashioned way for a few weeks.

I need a midsize auto, they have very few on fleet. Last time I had a car from them it was a Ford Galaxy tdci auto.

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