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J D power 2009 xtrail - xtrailman
I have ALWAYS found this survey to mirror my own experience or near enough not to want to discuss it.

That is until the latest issue of what car dropped on the door step.

The survey covers cars registered from jan 2006 to dec 2007.

Now i would of thought that that period covered most of the old x trail, the new one was available from spring 2007.

Having owned the old model, and now the new, i think i know the down falls of both, although i only have 3k on my latest.

On the old car i had a new intercooler fitted due to an oil leak, also the sump plug leaked after a service. And that's it! My son now runs the old x trail, again no problems.
But i appreciate that many did have problems, so the xtrail was never in the top 5.
Prior to that with my two primeras, i never saw a oil leak!

Now the new x trail has a renault engine, and to be honest i would prefer nothing French, having said that the 171bhp dci i have is a peach, constantly getting over 40mpg.
Further i have had absolutely no problems, no recalls, the car has performed brilliantly, my wife loves it more than the old one!
Honest john reports no common problems.

Then we get the jd survey. Comments such as "owners slammed the styling"
now excuse me, but who buys a car that they find ugly?
Must be some strange people about?

It goes on air-con, audio, nav systems, i have had no problems, the air con is weak, but i read some were that some systems have smaller compressors to better economy?

You should always back up the sat nav DVD disc, i always run the copy, and keep the original at home. Other than that both sat navs are great, down side no post code, but i knew that before i bought the car.

It goes on to say lots of aircon faults.

Then is goes on "visibility wasn't up to scratch" now things are getting silly, the last xtrail was absolutely brilliant for reverse parking.
The new one has restricted rear view,(which i know about before i bought it), but a reverse camera on my model makes up for it.
So i can only assume that the survey covered both models, so doesn't that make the results a nonsense?

Then it ends " to round off a fairly poor performance, customers weren't impressed with the driving dynamics, fuel economy or high servicing and repair costs either"

Don't these people test drive a car before they buy?
I found the xtrail good to drive for a suv, i moved from a A4 audi quattro avant.
To be honest the new one is no better than the old, in my opinion, although the wife things the cars a lot better.
But at any rate both a decent to drive.

Economy, i don't know how these owners drive, but 30mpg towing 1330kg, high 30's solo (max 42mpg old model) previously, and oddly with the heavier more powerful new xtrail i get more, the trip computer is showing just under 42mpg at the moment, best i had 44mpg!
That's good isn't it?

Servicing. The old xtrail was no dearer than my Audi and i didn't think that was dear!
Not had a service on the new one yet, but i expect it to be dearer, but that's due to the pdf filter, but wouldn't a new A4 have one?

So gentlemen, i am not sure which car JD is talking about, i am convinced is two different cars, but at any rate its been put at position 94 out of 101 !!

Edited by xtrailman on 11/06/2009 at 14:49

J D power 2009 xtrail - brum
You cant argue with statistics.....

Remeber most people who fill in JD surveys are unhappy owners.

Edited by brum on 11/06/2009 at 15:01

J D power 2009 xtrail - xtrailman
I havn't filled a power form in for years, were do you get one from?
J D power 2009 xtrail - MVP
The JDP surveys normally have a very good coverage of views, it's sounds like you are trying to justify the purchase of at best, a very mediocre car.

J D power 2009 xtrail - boxsterboy
I remember one year the J D Power surveys gave the Honda S2000 (a 2-seat roadster) the same rating for 'Practicality' as a Ford Galaxy. Ever since I have ignored them!
J D power 2009 xtrail - nick
I think you are meant to compare within the class of car for things like practicality so the S2000 would be compared to other sports cars.
J D power 2009 xtrail - xtrailman
My main gripe is i'm not sure whether the survey covers the new xtrail, or the old one.

If the survey is a result of both cars, then surely the result is nonsense?

If so do they carry out the same thing for all cars, that upgrade, say the old focus to the new one.

J D power 2009 xtrail - xtrailman
On page 151 of the whatcar mag, at the bottom of the page reference is made to how the results are arrived at.

The Qashqai is compared to the crv. Counting up the stars the nissan comes out TWO in front, the the end results are Qashqai=81.4%, but the crv with less stars, comes out at 81.5%?

The nissan beats the honda in exterior quality, and vehicle performance, by 1 star in both places, on vehicle exterior the nissan beats the honda with two stars.

Only in one category is the nissan beaten by the honda with 2 points, dealer service.

Yet the honda gets 2nd in group the nissan 3rd?
That's honda crv overall 9, quashqai 11th.

Any one know how the final figures are arrived at?

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