92 1.9 Leak around injector pump throttle shaft - farnham dick
After changing the cambelt on my 1992 405DL the diesel injector pump leaked badly around the throttle spindle. Tried unsuccessfully to get a second hand pump and was about to scrap the car when I was told to try running the engine on tickover "until the engine was hot". To stop the leak as a temporary measure I pulled up on the shaft with the linkage removed as this seemed to overcome the problem until the linkage was replaced. Fuel still flooded out around the shaft if I levered it back towards the engine but it was only slightly oozing out if I didn't touch it. Ran the engine on tickover for 30 minutes and- hey presto- the leak had disappeared (even if the shaft was levered backwards), and so far has not returned (3 days so far). I can only assume that the problem was caused by the Haynes manual instruction to turn the engine over twice by hand, as the fuel cutoff valve would not be open and there could be pressure buildup in the low pressure side of the pump. Still don't understand how running the engine for 30 minutes made it all OK. However I now believe that magic is an acceptable engineering approach! Worth a try if you are suffering the same problem after a cambelt change.