01 2.0 HDI remap to 150bhp safe? - DanWBangor91
I have had my 206 ECU remapped to 120bhp by someone. When he remapped it, he said it could've been done to 150bhp, but it would've wrecked the clutch and I would have had repair bills every week. However, after speaking to a Peugeot mechanic today, he said it wouldnt be a problem as he has seen one done and he said it drives well. Does anyone know if it would be safe to remap my Peugeot 206 2.0 HDI to 150bhp from 90bhp? Thank you in advance.

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01 2.0 HDI remap to 150bhp safe? - Armitage Shanks {p}
How much would it increase your insurance premium? Would you need to improve the braking system and what cost? If a main dealer says its safe it probably is, but I'd get a 2nd opinion!
01 2.0 HDI remap to 150bhp safe? - gordonbennet
A chap on another forum has a 2.1 406td remapped giving more torque than a V8 Jag.

I understand he has a rather special clutch in it though as the original couldn't cope.

Lovely engine though, bet it's a dream pulling 120hp, they were good in standard form 90hp?
01 2.0 HDI remap to 150bhp safe? - DanWBangor91
Yeah it really flies.Can't stop spinning my wheels in the rain lol. I think I have a problem though because nothing's good enough for me I just want it faster hehe.
01 2.0 HDI remap to 150bhp safe? - glowplug

Be careful that your tuner knows what he's doing. Tuning common rail diesels can have great results but equally it's easy to destroy them too.

If your HDi was originally a 90 BHP I don't see how it could be remapped to 150 without serious modification.

Does your 206 have an intercooler? Even if it does how hot will the intake charge get running enough boost to achieve such power? What sort of EGT figures are we looking at? How much will it smoke? How would the clutch cope? Will it still pass it's emissions test?

I'd take a look at this forum and ask some questions first. One of the members did me a remap from 110 to 140 on my HDi.