Opinions on A4 Avant - chewymix
I am thinking about getting a 'facelift' ie 06 ish a4 avant TDi and i wonder what people think of them. I was after an a3 but some tiny feet have made me rethink that so now i am thinking the a4 avant.

As i will be going for a higher mileage diesel ~80k wonder how these fair on reliability etc.

Opinions on A4 Avant - Brian Tryzers
Tiny feet shouldn't be a problem but check that the (not so tiny) wheels that go with them will fit in the boot. For a biggish car that tries to look like an estate, the A4 Avant has remarkably little luggage room.
Opinions on A4 Avant - chewymix
indeed - the carrying device for said tiny feel manages to get into the boot of a 206 currently, sans wheels, so that aspect should be OK i hope...
Opinions on A4 Avant - boxsterboy
An A4 Avant might just be big enough for 1 pair of tiny feet, but if you plan on sowing more seeds of love soon, it may not be - how many threads on here have had people bemoaning the fact that 2 kids means they have outgrown their A4/3-series lifestyle estates?
Opinions on A4 Avant - AlastairW
IMO no one NEEDS an estate just to cart kids and clutter about. Throughout the lives of my two boys (now 13 and 9) I have needed nothing bigger than a Focus hatch. Indeed, when the big one was small, we only had a Mk3 Fiesta. A smaller vehicle simply means you plan the packing a bit better. For example, we left a travel cot at the grandparents to save us having to take it over with us, leaving more room for the buggy etc.
Opinions on A4 Avant - rtj70
Neighbours recently went camping. Car is new Mondeo estate size (it isn't one but not posting their details) and it went with a roof box and bike rack!! For normal use the older car (smaller) was soon going to be too small.
Opinions on A4 Avant - chewymix
'Lifestyle Estate' - Interesting term, although its perhaps intended to be derogatory.

From the lack of 'dont buy one the engines are junk' i think i'll move forward with this as to me they are nice vehicles.

Opinions on A4 Avant - Roly93
Ive had both B6 and now B7 A4 Avants.
As long as these cars have a FSH and have been treated sensibly, they have no real achilles heel in terms of reliability.
In fact 80K should be no problem as long as there are no clunks or loosness in the front suspension.
It is true that the Avant isnt the largest load carrier as estates go, but if you want this you need to get a Volvo or a Mondeo etc.

The Avant and the 3 series touring stand apart from the rest of the crowd in that they do not drive like estates, in fact the Avant is indistiguishable from the saloon, and even the 3 series touring is slightly 'estate-like'.

The 2.0 TDI engine once throughly run in will return 50Mpg on out of town runs.

In short, if the car looks and drives okay it will almost certainly be okay even with 80k miles.

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Opinions on A4 Avant - chewymix
sounds promising thanks - i have a couple in mind and they are both arrow straight and have full Audi history, although that will most likely change when i get it. As long as i make sure the cambelts have been done hopefully i will be fine. I am also seriously considering a remap on it to gain a bit more even though they are not breathless as they are.

thanks again
Opinions on A4 Avant - daveyjp
Browsing Audi Driver mag in Smiths a few weeks ago I read about a possible achilles heel with the 2.0TDi.

The drive for the oil cooler was changed for the 2.0TDi and there have been a number of failures around the 70k mile mark. You have no indication it's failing and parts about £400.

Well worth a read if the issue is still current.

Opinions on A4 Avant - chewymix
Do you know what year they were changed?