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Commissioned by the vicar to find him a cheap Mazda 2, my first port-of-call was Drivethedeal, through whom I bought a Focus last year.

No Mazdas at all.

So then I look at your man's list of Highly Approved Traders, and no luck there either.

In fact the only place I got any joy was Broker4Cars.

Anyone know if Mazda 2s are in short supply, or suggest any broker?

Brokers, Mazdas and HATs - RobertyBob
It has been noted before that for some reason DtD don't include Mazda and one or two other makes in their drop down list.

Try putting Mazda directly into their address bar, like this:-

Even so their deals seem to refer to prices in late 2008.

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Brokers, Mazdas and HATs - umistim
Worth trying T.W.White of Bookham, Leatherhead.

Certainly looked after us very well when purchasing new Mazda 3 for my wife a couple of months ago. Good keen price and dealt with efficiently.
Brokers, Mazdas and HATs - Bill Payer
You could try Pat Lawless at Carfile - - although Mazda isn't specifically listed on his site.
Brokers, Mazdas and HATs - GroovyMucker
Thanks. Carfile seem to have some. I rang DtD - they don't, ATM.
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This old thread on brokers might help -


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