02 2.0 HDi which fault code reader????? - mjnurney

Does anyone know of a fault code reader for this model? i have a Elm scanner with doesnt work and another no name brand one that doesnt work either, they both connect to the OBD1 port but do nothing ....i know peugeot use the Diag 2000 or Peugeot planet laptop and that a snap on device works too but these are BIG money???

Any help please.....

the 307 has all the usual faults....

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02 2.0 HDi which fault code reader????? - Panda_man
I'm not aware of any cheap ones that will work properly. I have a cheap ELM based scanner which connects to most cars but is of very limited use. On my HDi I can at least see if there is a fault code (although I don't really trust the reader to tell me the correct code) and it will clear a stored code. This could be worthwhile to save you a trip to a garage if you have replaced the component that caused the fault.

When you say it connects to OBD port but does nothing, do you mean it physically connects but there is no communication? If so, try some other COM port settings on your laptop or alternative software - there are a few free ones that you can find on the internet.
02 2.0 HDi which fault code reader????? - mjnurney
thanks for that but what year is your car and which software do you use?? it connects to the car (i.e fits in the socket) but does nothing else, no communcation at all.... however it works a treat on my modeo with the same settings??