Spare parts prices - nick62
I've just had to buy a new fuel filler hose elbow for SWMBO 306.

This rather insignificant piece of fuel proof hose is basically a 2" bore 90 degree rubber bend, that joins the fuel filler pipe to the fuel tank. I'm not complaining that this part is needed as the car is almost 10 years old, but the retail price (excluding VAT) is £21.67!

The kind man in the Peugeot dealership gave me 8% discount after much grovelling, (the part is NOT available via GSF etc.), but this must be one of the biggest rip-off's I've ever come across.
Spare parts prices - DP
This has been the case since the dawn of time for any part where a standard length of hose and suitable cutting / bodgery won't work.

I remember changing the little breather hose on my mk2 Cavalier SRi that ran from the oil separator housing on the cam cover to the inlet manifold. A piece of rubber hose no more than 6" long, with a 90 degree bend about half way along it. The killer was the diameter which was about half an inch at the cam cover end, and about an inch at the manifold end.

Vauxhall dealer relieved me of £18 for that more than 10 years ago! The actual cost could have been no more than a few pence.
Spare parts prices - L'escargot
Vauxhall dealer relieved me of £18 for that more than 10 years ago! The actual
cost could have been no more than a few pence.

Add on overheads. It probably costs 5p (in direct costs) to make a cup of tea but you wouldn't expect to only pay 5p in a cafe.
Spare parts prices - bell boy
Ive just spoken to the dealer principle about your rip off price and here is his reply emailed to me

dear sir
yes i do regret we sold him a part for a car almost 10 years old when under eu law the parts situation only needs to go back 7,may i humbly suggest he brings the part back for a full refund and maybe he can then use the old thing against a new car under the son to be implimented scrappage scheme

yours sincerly
umpar lumpar
Spare parts prices - thomp1983
the £21 is not really unreasonable for a dealer part, if it lasts 10 years like the original then the expenditure becomes paltry. but if you had went to a local pirtek or anywhere else that does hydraulic hosing it would of cost you about £5 for a similar elbow.

Spare parts prices - Andrew-T
And I don't suppose there is much call for this part either - I heve never heard of it being replaced. So I expect you had to special-order it? or the stocking cost would be high.

A few years ago I needed to replace two rear dampers on my 306 cabrio. Admittedly it was summer, when France shuts down, but allegedly there was only one spare available in the UK ...
Spare parts prices - arp motorsport
just wanted to let you guys know, i found a company called performance pug, they break pug 106 and 306's. and do really good prices, would have prob only cost about £5. the guy i spoke with was called james 07727607245. only prob is they take cash or paypal at the min but he said they will be takin card payments soon, hope that helps you next time.
Spare parts prices - L'escargot
>>........ i found a company called performance pug ........

Found or founded?
Spare parts prices - madf
The top hose on our 1993 Peugeot diesel includes a bleed screw and is about 150cms long and right angled in two places.

9 years ago it cost £35.. so heaven alone knows what now. Even then it was special order only.