02 1.6 Temperature Gauge and Coolant Leak - FocusDriver09
OK, I will try to summarise the problem. I noticed the temperature gauge wasn't working, and then I noticed there was coolant on top of the spark plugs!!! So I took it to Ford, who fitted new ECT sensor, and also replaced the spark plugs and the cylinder head core plugs (was this necessary?), charging me £350 for the privilege. Now I am experiencing that when I turn the ignition on, the engine revs up to 2-2500 rpm, for a long time, and the temperature gauge takes a long time to move and even when it does, the needle doesn't go to near the middle, unless I go for a long drive down the motorway. When the needle move to the middle, the engine will idle nicely at around 750rpm. I presume the choke keeps the revs up until the temperature increases then will slow down? But why is it taking a long time for the temperature gauge to move? The sensor was replaced. What should I do? I am getting really fed up. There doesn't appear to be any more coolant on top of the spark plugs so that's good. Ford mechanics seem to have fixed one problem, yet caused another? I would really appreciate any advice you could give me on this problem. Thanks!
02 1.6 Temperature Gauge and Coolant Leak - dagenham car center
you need to get the fault codes read,there might be another fault causing the engine revs,i know zetecs in escorts used to suffer from air leaks,either inlet manifold or below coil.
as for the slow warm up,get a thermostat fitted,they fail open now,causing overcooling.
02 1.6 Temperature Gauge and Coolant Leak - FocusDriver09
I appreciate your feedback. However sadly this is now looking like a very serious problem, I switched the engine on today, and the engine warning light came on, and it looks like there is either petrol or oil coming out of exhaust. What should I do? I am stuck 100 miles away from the Ford dealers where I got it supposedly fixed! I presume you advise not to drive it anymore, as no doubt this will cause more damage to the engine. I will see if the recovery people will agree to transport it back to them. I presume if I took it to another Ford dealership near me, they will charge me extra? They're all separate franchises right? I am extremely angry with the Ford mechanic who fixed this car.
02 1.6 Temperature Gauge and Coolant Leak - Statia
The over revving could be caused by a faulty throttle position sensor. Unlikely to be detected by the ECU and show up as a fault code. Takes about 5 minutes to change.