LDV applies for administration - Mapmaker
Great loss that would be from a comfort point of view...


LDV applies for administration - 659FBE
My sympathies go out to the employees.

The reality of the situation is that LDV vehicles have been a hopeless rag bag of other people's bits put together in a totally undeveloped manner. This company in my view has no relevant engineering expertise and does not deserve to be trading.

LDV applies for administration - diddy1234
quite ironic to see the Sherpa vans surviving for this long.
Still a shame to hear the bad news. I spare a thought for all of those people affected by this.
LDV applies for administration - DP
I agree with 659FBE. I feel very sorry for the employees, but the product was crap.

My father in law was recently given a spanking new Maxus by his employer to replace his previous battered, abused seven year old, starship mileage Transit 90 diesel. He still wants the Transit back, and reckons in every aspect bar performance (the Maxus has a 30 bhp advantage over the Tranny), the new van is hopeless.

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