Inherent problems feedback please - halla
Due to having been caught out with a Toyota with an inherent design problem(oil burning/carboning of pistion rings-please see my other thread re this),I am now looking to unexpeted and anoyingly...buying another car.

I am going to view(all going well) a 2002 Honda Civic Executive,Auto.100,000 miles,highish I know,but hoping this won't be a problem for a Honda.Cam belt has been changed. Honda FSH.
I do not want to be caught out again buying a car with a problem present or that has yet to show itself.
I am looking for any owners past or present, who get advise me as to the reliability and hopefully not, any problems to watch out for.
Thanks all

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HONDA CIVIC-Inherent? problems feedback please - Statistical outlier
HONDA CIVIC-Inherent? problems feedback please - Bill Payer
I'm aware of your other thread, but your question seems odd at 100K miles - surely well past any reasonable definition of "inherent problem"?
HONDA CIVIC-Inherent? problems feedback please - halla
Previous Toyo (expensive)prob usually kicks in around 50.000-70.000 miles,so...'how long is a piece of string'?
I am refering in general to any major probs which may be unknown to me or about to kick in......or any feed back at all .....
HONDA CIVIC-Inherent? problems feedback please - Stryder
I have a previous generation Honda Civic, one of the very first (it's X reg).

It's a manual 1.6SE, had it from 25 000 miles, it's now at 70,000 miles.

When looking at one of these make sure it's UK made and not Japanese made. Mine was made in Japan, which means that a few of the spare parts can be a bit awkard to source (the rear wiper blade is the worst).

My service interval is every 9,000 miles; I think the UK ones are every 12K.

In terms of reliability the only none consumable I've had to replace was an exhaust emissions sensor at about 40'000 miles. But this may have been because the previous owner just did short school runs. I got the a/c recharged when the car was 6 years old.

My bee sting ariel got nicked. The £3 pund replacement from Ebay does not do a very good job, so glue yours in. My head light warning buzzer usually does not work (until the battery is almost discharged).

You need a/c in this car - it fogs up very easily.

For servicing I have not been to a Honda dealer for years.

My driver's seat "rocks" slightly - perhaps the previous driver weighed about 25 stone. I've never done anything about it, and it has not got worse.

I did read some where that the auto was not a smooth drive, but I assume you will take it for a good test run; check it out in town/traffic.

I don't see any problem in my car making it past 100,000 miles.

I get 39.2 MPG on fast A roads, a bit of town work. Used for the school run, the economy is probably about 30 mpg.

Test that you can live with the turning circle; it's not that good.
HONDA CIVIC-Inherent? problems feedback please - halla
Thanks puddle glum for that,very helpful.

Someone mentioned that Honda's are fitted with Rover engines? Is this true anyone know? And at £3.200 price tag So,advised maybe to think again about the purchase.I have to admit to not being too happy about the mileage.

My queries may be basic and I have done a certain amount of homework,as it's the first time that I have ventured away fromn Toyota.But nothing like talking to people who have 'been there and done it' etc etc
HONDA CIVIC-Inherent? problems feedback please - halla
PS Anyone know-What are the details re the Air Con extended warranty and probs?
HONDA CIVIC-Inherent? problems feedback please - Lygonos
"Someone mentioned that Honda's are fitted with Rover engines"

The first Honda diesels sourced the same engine as the Rover 200/400.

The petrol engines are (thankfully) Honda.

My old 2000 1.8VTi (169bhp version - model previous to the one you are looking at) would use a litre of oil every 1500-2000 miles at 100k miles, but never blew smoke and passed emissions without any problems. Oil consumption varies between different VTEC engines and is rarely a sign of significant wear without obvious smoke - probably relates more to how much time the engine spends 'on-cam'.

The 1.6 auto is pretty slow (peaky engine and 4-spd auto doesn't help), but the main weak point would be the rear suspension bushes that can fail around 70-80k miles.

Aircon is reliable but can require to be re-gassed after 5-6 years to maintain cooling power. This is common for any A/C system.

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HONDA CIVIC-Inherent? problems feedback please - DP
Someone mentioned that Honda's are fitted with Rover engines? Is this true anyone know?

It was true in reverse. Quite a few Rovers had Honda engines, but not the other way around if I recall correctly.