03 1.8TDCi - Fails to start - monty111
Hi all, had my '03 TDCI focus estate since new and has worked well until recently, but over the winter it was getting harder and harder to start from cold, yet was fine to restart when engine was warm. Then went away for a month and the car was a nightmare to start when i got back, took about 15 mins even though air temp was approx 18 degrees, managed to get approx 2 miles before engine cut out silently and would not restart, even off jump leads. When depressing the clutch prior to junctions the revs would drop to 500 then back up to 900 every 1 second and would get plumes of white/light grey smoke on start up. Used the built in diagnostic and only error code found was for coolant temp low. Have tested the glow plugs and all read arround 1-2 Ohm's, Inspected fuel lines as far as possible and appear in good order. Have always had it serviced at correct intervals and now sits on 112K miles, anybody had a similar problem as any advice would be massivly appreciated as am terrified of taking it to a main dealer as things are a bit tight at the mo.

Cheers, Monty

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03 1.8TDCi - Fails to start - cine
Probably union on fuel line letting IN air overnight.Get underneath starting at tank and check. Pay particular regard to any plastic pipe connectors,ensure that they have not rubbed against chassis

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