What is your avg. MPG? - OldSkoOL
Be honest - what MPG do you get over a tankful compared to the official figure. Mine:

Toyota T180
41 MPG (official 45.6 MPG)

Toyota RAV4 xTR 2.2d
40.2 MPG me 38 MPG mrs (official 42.8 MPG)

It has to be your combined average for day to day driving, not your best 1 off run.

I don't care that much about MPG but people are kicking up a stink on toyota boards and i've read a lot of reports that say new cars aren't getting anywhere near their official MPG figure.

Even though all official MPG figures are calculated on a flat rolling road at an ambient temp of a typical british summers day and the tests don't take into account hills, stopping / starting or various acceleration points i'm now curious to see if any cars get their combined figures or better them.

What is your avg. MPG? - Rattle
Its a bit early to tell but I seem to be getting around 36mpg out of my 1.2 16v Corsa B and thats all city driving. It has taken me a while to get used ot the nature of a small 1.2 16v engine so I am reving it a bit more now and it runs a lot smoother I am told it won't affect my MPG but I shall see.

My old Fiesta 1.3 OHV got around 28-30mpg.
What is your avg. MPG? - Blue {P}
2000 W Mondeo 2.5 V6 Ghia X Manual.

Petrol - 24mpg
LPG - 20mpg.

Soooo worth it :-)

What is your avg. MPG? - DP
2001 Volvo S60 2.0T S Manual

Combined: 31.7 mpg
Actual: 31-34 mpg (mostly 25+ mile busy motorway and A-road runs)

2002 Volkswagen Golf 1.9 GT TDI PD 130

Combined: 52.3 mpg
Actual: 46 mpg (includes much more urban driving and short runs than the Volvo's figure.)

If we reversed the role of the two cars and put the Volvo on runabout detail and the Golf on commute, the Volvo would drop into the low 20s and the Golf into the mid 50s.
What is your avg. MPG? - L'escargot
Genuine average 37.3 mpg overall (4899.36 litres in 40215 miles) over 51 months ~ none of this "over a tankful" rubbish ~ 2 litre petrol 2003 Focus driven spiritedly. Official combined 32.5 mpg.
What is your avg. MPG? - gramar
1999 T reg VW Polo TDI 90 Estate

Owned and driven by me and SWMBO for the past 7 years. Now at 105K still good on fuel. Used for daily commute 41 miles each way mainly dual carriageway 90% of the journey and weekend pottering + the occasional UK holiday i.e. North Yorkshire, Wales, Cotswolds, Scotland.

Has consistently averaged 60mpg year on year. Offical VW combined use figure is 57.6mpg.

This car has also been very reliable, has never let us down and has only needed an exhaust and a battery plus a few tyres in addition to routine servicing.

I've never owned a better car - and possibly never will.

My other car is a Citroen Xsara HDI 110. I've had it 6 months and it's averaged 55mpg so far.
What is your avg. MPG? - grumpyscot
But are MPG figures on manufacturers vehicles done on cars that are well and truly run in, and in ideal conditions. Whereas Joe Punter will compare the MPG of his brand new, still fairly stiff, new car and never hope to come anywhere close.

I accept that there ar the exceptions, but rarely does anyone get better than the manufacturer's "claims".
What is your avg. MPG? - diddy1234
my previous car ( Astra 1.6l sxi) averaged 42mpg over its seven year life.
If my memory is correct the official figures were 40mpg

My new car ( Kia Rio 1.5l Diesel) is a bit too early to tell for sure (brand new) but so far 46mpg.
official figures are 60mpg at best but I have heard from other Rio owners no one is getting this figure. mostly 50mpg
What is your avg. MPG? - spikeyhead {p}
MkIII Mondeo tdci, 48mpg (official 48.7)

Boxster S
I have absolutely no idea, though its probably doing about 20mpg. allegedly quite capable of 30mopg if driven "sensibly," but who buys a Porsche and drives sensibly
What is your avg. MPG? - Dipstick
Toyota Aygo petrol

Official combined 62, actual over a year is 58mpg, with best two tanks of 63 and 65 respectively, and worst tank of 52.

Getting near £30 to fill it again too, shock horror.

What is your avg. MPG? - stunorthants26
My Charade returns 57-64 mpg on normal UL, lower figure is in the winter.
Recently been getting a consistant 62 mpg. Official combined is 58.9.

Best ive ever got was 67 mpg, worst was 49 when front brakes were sticking ( shot up as soon as they were fixed! ).
What is your avg. MPG? - Dipstick
Am I right in thinking the engine in the Aygo is the same as the Charade? Interesting the Charade gains slightly better real world figures, though of course I appreciate there are dozens of variables here.
What is your avg. MPG? - stunorthants26
>>Am I right in thinking the engine in the Aygo is the same as the Charade? Interesting the Charade gains slightly better real world figures, though of course I appreciate there are dozens of variables here.<<

Honestly, Im not sure. I would assume it is related although Daihatsu has been making 1.0 3 cyl engines for a long time and been selling cars with them in the UK long before Toyota started doing so. Im sure HJ knows the answer.

It may be that the Charade is slightly more aerodynamic or lighter. Could even be the gearing which always seems very high in my car which makes a big difference when cruising.

What is your avg. MPG? - fordprefect
>>Am I right in thinking the engine in the Aygo is the same as the Charade?

The Toyota engine is chain-cam but the Daihatsu has a belt driven cam.

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What is your avg. MPG? - L'escargot
Getting near £30 to fill it again too shock horror.

Only if you wait until it's nearly empty before you fill it up!
What is your avg. MPG? - b308
Roomster 1.9TDi... getting about 51mpg, I think the combined figure is about 54-ish... but its only done 5k miles so much better to come, I hope!
What is your avg. MPG? - oldtoffee
Legacy Tourer Diesel, 20k miles, - average 41.5 (39 when new) versus official of 49mpg.
What is your avg. MPG? - Andy P
Honda Accord Type-S Saloon (2.4, 187bhp)

Average over 65k - 33.4mpg
Official figure - 31.4mpg
What is your avg. MPG? - bimmer-driver
2006 E46 bmw 318Ci convertible. Official MPG 36.2 I get about 34.5 mpg general knocking about. I think its just run in now at nearly 11,000 miles now aswell so not expecting much more in the future. Quite pleased with it though.
What is your avg. MPG? - TheOilBurner
'05 Volvo S80 D5 auto:

Typical 30-35 mpg around town.

On regular motorway runs, 40-45 mpg is the norm.

Official combined is about 37mpg for this car..

Not bad when compared to Rattle's superminis!

Best I had was the old '04 Vectra 1.9 CDTI 150. Averaged 51.2mpg over 2 years and 35k miles. Official combined was about 48mpg for that model year.

Worst I had was a '94 Mondeo 2.0 auto when driven round town. Struggled to get about 22mpg out of that!

I always find that the combined figure + about 5-10% is a good guide when your driving is mostly motorway at sensible speeds day in, day out. Never got near the extra urban figures without drafting lorries at 56mph!

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What is your avg. MPG? - dxp55
Wife's new Mazda 2 - just filled up and it worked out at 43mpg

My Mazda Xedos 9 on a good day get's 24mpg - normally 22
What is your avg. MPG? - David Horn
VW Passat TDI 130
500 miles motorway, 150 miles A-road, country lanes, and busy city.
52mpg. Book figure is 48, trip computer says 51.7.

What an incredible engine (660 miles out of this tank so far and the low fuel light has only just come on).
What is your avg. MPG? - Pica
Petrol Honda CRV Auto Average is 26.26mpg over 1323 miles - Best ever 42mpg

Petrol Mustang GT V8 Auto 24.72mpg over 1218 miles - Best ever 31mpg
What is your avg. MPG? - mike hannon
Prelude 2.2 VTI auto/sequential: 35mpg, bit less if it's Vtec'd a lot. I use Elf or Leclerc supermarket 98 octane.

What is your avg. MPG? - oilrag
2005 Fiat Punto van, 1.3 Multijet 70BHP diesel. (Pre DPF & variable vane turbo)

Best return trip over 120 miles = 79mpg

Cold start - City and community, not using 5th gear = around 62mpg

Long trip, full throttle overtakes, working the engine hard = 58 mpg (that`s the worst ever recorded - loaded and running at 80mph in France)

Long trip - around 60mph = around 72mpg

That`s from memory, as I`ve concluded it`s not worth me thinking about fuel economy - in how I actually drive it.
What is your avg. MPG? - craig-pd130

new Mondeo IV Estate 2.0 TDCi manual = exactly 42mpg over 12,000 miles from new

previous Passat B5.5 PD130 Sport manual = 46.5mpg over 62,000 miles from new

All types of driving.
What is your avg. MPG? - Hamsafar
VW Passat Estate 2.5 V6TDI Tiptronic. (remapped to 195 BHP)
Average over several thousand miles is 29.9mpg.
This is due to being stuck in rush hour traffic most of the time.
Deserted (night) urban driving easily yields 36mpg.

On a long run, 36-42mpg depending on how driven.

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What is your avg. MPG? - Andrew-T
Pug 207 SW, 1.6 HDi : quoted Mixed driving 61 mpg

On-board computer says 62 overall, confirmed over 1500 miles so far. Miles checked on M'way - odometer over-reads by only 0.4%.

Previous car, 306 2.0 HDi did 57-58 over 40K miles, but the odo over-read by 1.4%.

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What is your avg. MPG? - Andrew-T
Forgot to include: Pug 205 1.6 GTi - 39-40 mpg over last 3K miles (not sure of the official figure)
What is your avg. MPG? - stunorthants26
>>Pug 205 1.6 GTi - 39-40 mpg over last 3K miles (not sure of the official figure)<<

Urban: 30.7
56mph: 47.9
75mph: 37.7
What is your avg. MPG? - Chas{P}
Peugeot 207SW 1.6 HDi 110

48.6MPG over 6,000 miles from new according to the trip computer that is within 1% accurate.
What is your avg. MPG? - smokescreen
Previous car, Xsara HDI remapped from 110 to 150ish, on a long run easily 51/52, lots of mixed 47-48mpg.

Current Seat Leon 1.8t also remaped to 215ish, long run easily 34mpg, mixed 28-29mpg.

Both brim to brim calculations. Both driven with a lead foot.
What is your avg. MPG? - Statistical outlier
Honda Accord 2.2 iCTDi Tourer

Official combined 46.7 I think.
Actual 41 mpg. All types of brisk driving, but with motorway @75 >60% of miles.

Best of 48 driving like a nun.
Worst 33 mpg with 4 people on board, boot filled to roof and 3 bikes on the roof, hoofing it round the Scottish Borders. Was actually quite pleased it stayed that high!
What is your avg. MPG? - Statistical outlier
My figures calculated from brim to brim measures. The 41 is from about 15 tanks spread over the last year.
What is your avg. MPG? - xtrailman
171 BHP 2l dci x trail

computer reading 40.3 mpg over 1500 miles.

computer not confirmed.
What is your avg. MPG? - Chips with everything
I get anywhere between 40-42mpg from my BMW 530D Sport (Manual). Exactly the same as my Mondeo 2.0 TDCI used to return.
What is your avg. MPG? - madf
Yaris diesel - from 20k miles:
57mpg overall
53mpg in winter stop start.
65mpg long runs.
What is your avg. MPG? - Rattle
I think it is too hard to compare because it all depends on driving style, I tend to do a lot of 2 mile journeys so the engine has not even reduced its choke yet (I know thats an old fashioned term) so its basicaly running rich most of the time. Also on that 2 mile journey I spend as much time stopped as I do moving.

If I did longer journeys on motorways I would hope to get 45-50mpg.

I should also add I am getting used to my new car the engine is very different to the old OHV units I am used to but once I get used to do it I might be able to get 40mpg round town.
What is your avg. MPG? - kayks
1997 Nissan Primera 2.0 petrol manual, 97K on the clock
South London commuting: 22.3 mpg
Cruising at steady 60mph: 40.9 mpg
Mixed motorways & suburbs: 31.8 mpg
What is your avg. MPG? - merlin
I get about 50mpg from my MY2000 Mazda 626 diesel compared to the official combined of 47.9. If I take it easy (65mph compared to 75-80mph) then this increases to about 54mpg - close to the 55.4 extra urban figure. Most of my journeys are long distance motorways or fast A roads and I do try to drive economically avoiding heavy braking, unnecessary stopping at roundabouts etc.

spritmonitor.de is a good site for checking real world fuel consumption. If you sign up for an account you can set an option to display mpg rather than l/100k.
What is your avg. MPG? - doctorchris
My Panda Cross has just passed 4,000 miles and is now performing as it should.
Now, it's a 4x4 so heavy relative to the rest of the Panda range and has additional frictional losses in the 4x4 system.
Mixed motoring now shows as 51.1 mpg on the dash computer. This reads optimistically and the actual fuel consumption is probably 48-50 mpg.
Official combined figure is 54.3mpg.
When you consider that I ran a single cylinder 650cc BMW motorcycle 8 years ago that gave similar fuel consumption figures, I'm very pleased.
What is your avg. MPG? - jonmac
My Mitsubishi CZ1, 11000 mls on the clock, does 47 around town and 61 on a run up through rural Northumberland
What is your avg. MPG? - Alby Back
I tend not to measure mpg. I prefer to calculate ppm or pence per mile. Because I use my cars for frequent long journeys in connection with my work it serves to remind me of how much a particular meeting or series of meetings has cost me in fuel terms at least.

Easy calculation of course, just set the trip recorder when you fill up and divide the cost of the next fill up by the miles showing on the trip. Surprisingly, as I have mentioned on here before, it makes little if any difference to my fuel costs whether I choose to use my similarly sized diesel car or my petrol one. They have both been working out at +/- 12p per mile recently.
What is your avg. MPG? - Pica
I have also started to look at price per mile and have bought a nice little app. for my iphone called Road Trip. You enter all the information and it works it all out for me. My fuel is working out at 16p per mile since I started logging it. Hope it improves now the weather is better.

What is your avg. MPG? - doctorchris
The cost of fuel per mile driven is an interesting statistic.
When I drove a Mazda 323 back in the middle 80s the figure was always around 10p/mile.
Now, driving a diesel-engined Panda the figure still hovers around 10p/mile.
The government and oil industry push the price of our fuel up.
Give the motor manufacturers credit, they have worked very hard to improve fuel efficiency.
What is your avg. MPG? - OldSkoOL
Remember to include the official combined MPG figure so we can see how close it is.

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What is your avg. MPG? - pmh2
Some people have measured only from the on board computer.
Some people have genuine long term real consumption figures.

It would be useful if people give both the method of measurement and the time/distance over which the measurements have been taken.

I have comprehensive figures, but not on this PC and will post definitive figures next week, but the one figure that I can comment on is the variability of the accuracy of the on board computer - generally never better than 7-8% (optomistic) and sometimes worse!

56 1.6HDi 90 Picasso - over last 15000 miles 49.4mpg I think.

What is your avg. MPG? - steveincornwall
Corsa C 1.3CDTI = 55.5mpg over 32,000 miles
Corsa D 1.3CDTI = 51.4mpg over 7,000 miles
Mates Toyota Prius = 54.4mpg over 6,000 miles.
All three over a mix of town and country roads / lanes.

What is your avg. MPG? - Old Navy
05 Focus 2.0 TDCI

43 mpg around town
50 mpg motorway cruise
51.4 mpg official combined figure

Not too different than the 850cc Mini I owned in 1968.
What is your avg. MPG? - Rudedog
06 Golf GT TDi DSG (140PS)

An average of 51.5 mpg after 28,600 miles according to the 2nd trip readout which hasn't been reset since new.
What is your avg. MPG? - carl_a
Colt CZ1 averaging 58 MPG in winter, around 61MPG in summer, both figures tank to tank for mixed driving around 60% motorway. Trip computer is usually quite good and my best trip ever averaged 71 MPG according to it. MPG getting better with miles, now at 30k and I think this summer I'll get 63 MPG and about 720 miles to the tank.
What is your avg. MPG? - merlin
Figures calculated from topping up over a period of time but not brim to brim. Heard somewhere that topping to the brim can be dangerous although maybe not with the UK climate.
What is your avg. MPG? - gpmartin
Peugeot 205 1.8 diesel (naturally aspirated):
Actual 54.12mpg, calculated over eight months and 9831 miles (managed 60.27 on my best tank)
Not sure what the official figure is

Ford Focus Mk1 1.6 petrol:
Actual 40.09mpg, calculated over five years three months and 74,707 miles (best on a tank was 45.35)
Official figure (from memory) is around 42mpg.
What is your avg. MPG? - AlastairW
Focus Mk1 1.8 Petrol. 25.99mpg avg over the last four years. Best ever was 39.96 on one tank last summer. A diet of mostly town use accounts for the poor figures.
What is your avg. MPG? - movilogo
Suzuki Ignis 1.3 2006 model

Combined 43 MPG archived frequently
Official figure 44 MPG in handbook

Max speed archived 110 MPH against official 99 MPH in handbook :)

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What is your avg. MPG? - ifithelps
09 Focus CC3 2.0TDCi - about 47/8mpg measured brim-to-brim from a couple of tanks.

Trip computer reading about the same.

Official combined 48.7mpg.

Handbook says best consumption will not be achieved before 3,000m.

What is your avg. MPG? - cjehuk
From my car logs...

Current Car (Audi TT 2.0T FSI Manual 07 Plate)
Officially: 36.7mpg
My Average: 37.4mpg over 19171 miles from new with a best of 46.2 and a worst of 28.4

Previous Car (Audi A3 2.0TDI Sport Manual 04 Plate)
Officially: 52.3mpg
My Average: 46.7mpg over 40272 miles from new with a best of 61.1 and a worst of 38.4

VW Golf TDI Auto 90 (S Reg)
Officially: 43.3mpg
My Average: 38mpg over 2072 miles with best of 40mpg and worst of 36

Citroen Xsara 2.0HDI (V Reg)
Officially: 50.3mpg (I think)
My Average: 45.6mpg over 14966 miles with a best of 54.9 and a worst of 36.1

I find the more powerful the car, the easier it is to get the official figure. Oh and all figures above were done brim-to-brim. I generally found the A3 was about 5mpg optimistic on the computer while the TT is about right.

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What is your avg. MPG? - Clanger
Citroen C8 2.2 HDi 6-speed

Pottering round the lanes with trailer with occasional blast up to truck speed on the A1, 31 mpg

Motorway cruising at 75-80 mph, 38 mpg

Holiday caravan towing, 23 mpg

all according to the onboard computer, no corrections made for wind speed, aircon on or off or tyre wear.
What is your avg. MPG? - frazerjp
VW Golf 2.0 GTI 8v petrol with nearly 129k on the clock

Brim to brim calculations - on a good run on A303, 32-33 mpg whilst topping 80 mph most of the way. It also had a major service a few days prior to that journey btw.
What is your avg. MPG? - KB.
Jazz CVT with about 2,400 miles on the clock. Official combined 47.9. Brim to brim calculations show I've never bettered 38mpg and it's been down to 32mpg. Not impressed given that I drive it carefully in reasonable conditions that have included long and short runs. Love the car though.
What is your avg. MPG? - TimOrridge
1998 Mazda 626 2.0 GSi

Owned for 3 weeks. Brimmed up at pick up and topped up once per 1.5 weeks (half fills).

Mixture of 70% suburban 40mph and 30% mway 70 cruise has returned 33-34mpg on both brims.
What is your avg. MPG? - hxj

Zafira 2.0 Turbo petrol

Actual (110,000 miles) 29.8 mpg
Official 29.9 mpg

Which given the way it gets a little enthusiastic, must teach it to behave sometime, and the other results given I think is pretty good
What is your avg. MPG? - menu du jour
Jazz CVT, 400 miles, first fill from full tank on collection indicates 48mpg.
Mostly "open road" driving, up to 60mph, no sitting in traffic.
What is your avg. MPG? - Dave^^
Like Tim above, just acquired a Mazda. It's a 1998 626 2.0 SE auto.

I've only done long motorway journeys so far, and after the first couple of fill-ups it's doing 30 mpg.

I can't find any official figures from Mazda, but on the MSN Cars site they quote a figure of 39 mpg for motorway journeys.
What is your avg. MPG? - TimOrridge

Mine is a manual (80,000) miles and impressed with the fuel economy. I'm fairly sure it would get 40mpg on a a nice steady run. Fuel light came on at 410 miles (14 gal tank) with recent usage

Found this on Mazda's website tinyurl.com/cn6usa

Mine: Urban 26.2
Extra Urban43.5
Combined 34.9

What is your avg. MPG? - frazerjp
Ment to mention on my previous post, the official average MPG for my Golf is 35MPG compared to 30MPG I got recently.
What is your avg. MPG? - KB.
screwtape....you seen my Jazz CVT figures above, taken by brimming the tank. Post your ongoing brimmed figures if you will....be interested to see them. My 'indicated' mpg starts off, after filling up and re-setting, at all sorts of optimistic figures...up to 60mpg! ... but soon settles down to more realistic figures. What are your thoughts about my figures? Would you have hoped for more or just accept them and hope they improve?
What is your avg. MPG? - frazerjp
My latest tankfull in my Golf I got 33.64 MPG brim to brim.
This included a power run on the dynometer, a few A-road runs & trips into town.
What is your avg. MPG? - concrete
I drive a Skoda Superb 1.9tdi. On a motorway/A road run it returns 55mpg easliy. Town work brings the average down quite a bit but my split is M.Way/A road 80% the rest 20% and overall I regularly return a 50mpg average. I keep good records because I get paid for my mileage and pay for the car myself. I only use Shell fuel(not the full fat, the semi-skimmed)and the car is serviced when the computer flags it up. 70K miles in 3 years and the mileage is getting slightly better every year so far.I don't hang about but do keep to speed limits(more or less). No magic formulae just bit of thought about driving style and braking/accelerating does the trick.Cheers Concrete
What is your avg. MPG? - Pebble
My New Yorker is rock solid in this regard, MPG is always 16-17. My last car, a slightly smaller Crown Vic with a smaller engine (281 cid vs. 318), got 22 in town and 27 or so on long trips--not bad for a two ton car!
What is your avg. MPG? - Westpig
There are some highly unrealistic figures posted above...unless you all drive like nuns..:-)

mine (3 litre Jaguar S Type auto) is 18.0 mpg over 3984 miles....very rarely taken out of the city as it's being used as a second car. Only ever used really for a 6 mile commute, so plenty of that wil be on choke. The traffic runs i.e. it's not total stop start all the time. Official urban figure is 18.5, so not really that far off. Regular stop start commutes in peak hours and it's down to 15.5.

Official Extra Urban figure is 35.1....which is fairly unrealistic, as i've only ever got 34.5mpg out of it, doing a deliberate economy run along a dual carriageway at 50mph. Got fed up after 10 miles.

Combined figure of 26.4 is not that realistic either...can achieve that without any great drama on long runs in the o/s lane of the m/way doing what everyone else does in that lane.
What is your avg. MPG? - Lud
One of my favourite cars, a Renault 18 GTX estate, used to return 30mpg on the motorway cruising at any speed between 80 and 100. It didn't do much better if driven more slowly.

It is the only car I have driven that suffered from carburettor icing (a new bit of hose from the exhaust manifold intake air warmer cured it).
What is your avg. MPG? - gordonbennet
Hilux 3.0 diesel auto does around 29 on swmbo's normal commute, and slightly better on a run, but if you get it going that can come down dramatically....keeping the readout on instant consumption is a good deterrent.
The fuel computer is surprisingly accurate once i changed to bigger tyres (correct size for grey's), the speedo is almost spot on too.

MB 3.2 6 cyl petrol does about 25 if i'm careful but will drop to between 17 and 23 if leaden foot syndrome occurs, being an older car it's revving far too high for a given speed something like 3500rpm at 80 whereas the pick up's doing 2200rpm at that speed.

The overall gearing must make a huge difference cruising.
What is your avg. MPG? - stunorthants26
>>There are some highly unrealistic figures posted above<<

I think the point is, they are real and I certainly dont have to drive like a nun to get the combined figure. Air temp seems to have a 6 mpg effect on my car.
What is your avg. MPG? - bintang
Hyundai i30 1600cc Comford, 10,500 miles, 43.2 mpg from new. Little local driving, block gearchanges where feasible but aircon nearly always on.
What is your avg. MPG? - menu du jour
Hello, KB
Yes, I read your figures with interest. I just seem to get that sort of figure without much effort.
Car is new [3 weeks] previous one was the same.
I will keep you posted.
What is your avg. MPG? - b308
>>There are some highly unrealistic figures
I think the point is they are real

Agree, Stu, its noticable that some engines are easier to get closer to the figures than others... the 1.9 TDi VW units are especially easy I notice from others' results...
What is your avg. MPG? - TheOilBurner
LOL at Westpig!

I guess because your large 3.0 auto doesn't do so well (strangely enough) that the rest of us must be making it up...

I once got the trip computer range to show 1045 miles on my old Vectra by using what's now known as "hypermiling" techniques. I was accused of photshopping it, as it was "just impossible".

I bet if you tried you could eek out another 5-10 mpg easily from your S-Type...

"deliberate economy run along a dual carriageway at 50mph. Got fed up after 10 miles."

But somehow I don't think you have the patience! :)

Fair enough, I can't be bothered most of the time either, but on longer runs when I'm in my own car but getting paid by the mile by my company...

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What is your avg. MPG? - Roger Jones
Life-of-ownership figures:

1996 MB W124 E320 Coupe 26.37 (acquired 1999)
1992 MB W126 300 SE 24.16 (acquired 2005)
1991 MB W124 E300 twin turbo 24.76 (acquired 2006)
1984 Ford Capri 2.8i 26.44 (owned from new; figure since restoration in 2003)
1996 VW Golf VR6 Highline 29.36 (acquired new 1996, sold 2006)

Edited by Roger Jones on 20/04/2009 at 11:29

What is your avg. MPG? - BobbyG
Roger, do you take the Capri out much??
What is your avg. MPG? - Roger Jones
As much as I can. It has been a year-round car until this past winter, when illness forced me to store it for the first time in the five years since I brought it back on the road after 13 years of dormancy. It's in fine fettle at 75k and it remains a real pleasure to drive, its 1980s shortcomings notwithstanding.
What is your avg. MPG? - turbo11
Just part exchanged my 2004 Mazda 6 TS petrol(2.0) for a new Mazda5. The Mazda 6 over 75,000 miles averaged 39mpg on V-power and 37 on shell unleaded.Most tankfull's on v-power were 39.5 mpg although the worst I ever acheived was 34mpg(mid-winter, de-frosting the car every morning) and the best was 42.5 mpg(around half a dozen times).All the figures were regular brim to brim measurements. Air con seemed to have a negligible effect, and the economy was regularly increasing from new until it levelled off around 40,000 miles.The official MPG for my car was 35. My commute is ideal for measuring economy as its mainly dual carriageway/motorway, is early in the morning before the traffic gets bad and 72 miles in length. I like to think of my driving style as smooth and most times sedate.
The first two tankfull's on my new Mazda5 2.0 sport have been 34.9 mpg and 35.1 mpg(shell unleaded).Official is 35mpg. The engine is quite tight at present and I expect it to take some running in like my previous mazda.
What is your avg. MPG? - softopdriver
98 Mondeo 1.8 LX Estate with 157k miles

Average over the past 15,500 miles 39.72 MPG
Official is 38 (for the saloon, I'm guessing a few less for the estate)
Worst 30.27
Regularly seeing 37/38 MPG at this time of year, lower 30's over winter.

Current commute consists of approx 8 miles of 65-70MPH dual carriageway with very little additional town driving. I saw my best figure when my daily commute was 22 miles each way on good A roads (at a time that, for the first time ever, I exceeded 20k miles per annum).

I started keeping records as petrol prices started to climb and money became tighter so that I could accurately budget my motoring costs. Always driven sensibly but up to the speed limits and with due consideration in the use of brakes, accelerator and A/C, using predominantly Tesco fuel and given a good Italian tune up about once a month.

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What is your avg. MPG? - Andrew-T
1984 Ford Capri 2.8i 26.44

If we're talking 'older' cars, in the mid-60s I had a Morris 1100 in Canada for 3 years. Touring round the western States, 3500 miles in 3 weeks, it did 44mpg (converted from US to Imperial gallons) which cost a total of $57, or about £20 at the time.

I don't think the fuel efficiency of engines improved much until electronic controls really got going.
What is your avg. MPG? - WNWL
My '03 115 JTD Dynamic Stilo has averaged 50 MPG over the last 2.5 years & 53 K.

Brim to brim worst 39.31 (Winter) and best 60.68 (Covering greater distances in a short space of time with extensive use of cruise control).

More recently towing a caravan 28.9 - 35.8, depending on weather conditions.
What is your avg. MPG? - L'escargot
Be honest - what MPG do you get over a tankful compared to the official

Come on now, how many people are honest about their car's average fuel consumption? Most don't even calculate an accurate and true average. Of those that do calculate a true average, a lot fib about the figure for one reason or another. I take all the replies in this thread with a pinch of salt ~ including my own, just in case you wanted to say that!
What is your avg. MPG? - b308
I've no reason to lie about my mpg, L'es, and I suspect many others haven't either... whilst I don't keep written records, I do watch how i drive and how much fuel I use each time when I fill up, which is at least twice a month, and the figures I quoted have been over the 5500 miles the car's done... therefore I feel that the mpg I quote is pretty accurate... honestly, some of you are far too distrustful of people these days, there are some of us around you can trust, you know!! ;)
What is your avg. MPG? - turbo11
If you don't trust peoples replies on this site, then why bother coming on. What carp.
What is your avg. MPG? - doctorchris
If you trusted everyone on here, where would the fun be! No more heated arguments!
What is your avg. MPG? - diddy1234
I use this web site to work out my mpg.


I have been using this site for the past 3 years so I believe it to be correct at working out my mpg.
What is your avg. MPG? - mustangman
New Golf Mk6 dsg: 43 average, can achieve 50 on longer runs.

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What is your avg. MPG? - TheOilBurner
I was impressed to see an average of 49mpg on the trip computer of a new Golf 1.6 petrol with DSG. No idea how accurate that was as I only did one (long) journey in it.

It would be amazing if it could do that in the real world consistently, considering the performance was reasonable and the car so heavy!

Shame the 1.6 petrol with DSG is only in base S spec mind.
What is your avg. MPG? - charlesb
Citroen C8 2.0 HDi - 35.2 mpg (Official Combined - 40.9, Urban - 32.1)

So, I'm reasonably pleased - it does quite a mix of urban driving, stuck in traffic, lots of stop start for a heavy car, so I can't complain.

What is your avg. MPG? - L'escargot
If you don't trust peoples replies on this site then why bother coming on.

What is your avg. MPG? - Andrew-T
Of those that do calculate a true average, a lot fib about the figure for one reason or another ..

There was a petrol station in S.Wales recently where you couldn't even trust the readout on the pumps ...

But of course your on-board computer wasn't fooled by that.
What is your avg. MPG? - Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}
Looking at my running full tank averages for the past year 34-37 mpg.Combined figure for a 2l Hyundai SIII coupe is 35.3mpg. I rely on my odometer for the calculations so they could be a bit out.