spec confusion - smashing
hello all,
Iv been looking at the 2.0 mk1 focus's online and have got a bit confused about the spec of the car. Is there much difference between the ghia spec and the zetec spec 2.0 16v focus??


spec confusion - L'escargot
According to the March 1999 brochure, there wasn?t a 2 litre engine version of the original Mk I Focus Zetec, so I assume you?re talking about the later face-lifted car.
The September 2002 brochure lists the following differences. Just on the seats alone I would (and I did!) go for the Ghia.

Wheels, Ghia: 6x15? alloys with 195/60 tyres
Zetec: 6½x16? alloys with 205/50 tyres

Bodyside mouldings, Ghia: Body colour
Zetec: Black

Door handles, Ghia: Body colour

Radiator grille, Ghia: Body colour surround

Wipers, Ghia: 2-speed plus variable intermittent
Zetec: 2-speed plus intermittent

Aircon, Ghia: Climate control

Courtesy lights, Ghia as Zetec plus centre-mounted theatre- style dimming and delayed switch-off

Windows, Ghia as Zetec plus rear electrically-operated

Driver?s seat, Ghia: Power height adjustment
Zetec: Manual height adjustment

Driver?s lumbar adjustment, Ghia but not Zetec

Seats, Ghia: Comfortable!
Zetec: Sports style, like sitting on the rim of a bucket!

Driver?s armrest, Ghia but not Zetec

Rear seat folding centre armrest, Ghia but not Zetec

Carpet floor mats, Ghia but not Zetec

Gear lever, Ghia: Leather with chrome surround
Zetec: medium grey metallic

Centre stack bezel, Ghia: Black Cordia wood effect
Zetec: Grey

Door trim inserts, Ghia: Black Cordia wood effect
Zetec: Grey

Scuff plates, Ghia: Front, bright with Ghia script
Zetec: None

Trip computer, Ghia: Yes
Zetec: No

Seat trim, Ghia: Bussac
Zetec: Harlequin

Trip computer, Ghia only

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spec confusion - maz64
Driver?s armrest Ghia but not Zetec

love it :-)

BTW I haven't driven a Zetec but the Ghia seems pretty sharp.

F (Y reg Focus 2.0 Ghia estate)
spec confusion - Altea Ego
Ride Zetec: HArd
Ghia: better.
spec confusion - smashing
would it be an assumption that the zetec would have better handling with the stiffer suspension and bigger tyres?? though i dont think i could have another car without aircon as my fiesta is just blurgh in the summer lol i have been told that they (2.0l focus) are nippy (well they would feel so to me after a 1.3 fiesta) :) is the 2.0 block the same in both cars??


spec confusion - maz64
would it be an assumption that the zetec would have better handling with the stiffer
suspension and bigger tyres??

Driving the Ghia I don't wish I had stiffer suspension/bigger tyres, but I guess it's a personal thing.
i have been told that they (2.0l focus) are nippy
is the 2.0 block the same in both cars??

Assuming it is, I would say it feels nippy, although not particularly sporty. That is, it's got a reasonable amount of torque so it feels responsive and you don't have to thrash it to make good progress. Which is good because I don't think it's an engine you rev for the sake of it. I like it.
spec confusion - ifithelps
You will find plenty of Zetecs with aircon.

Zetecs handle brilliantly, cornering dead flat in a go-where-you-point-it style.

Ghias also handle a treat and have a sightly more compliant ride, which I would prefer.

Around 2000, the Focus Lx also came with the softer suspension, but fewer toys.
spec confusion - smashing
yeah iv just had a check and found most of the zetecs come with aircon.....hhhmmm its just going to be a case of having a drive in them me thinks.
spec confusion - TheOilBurner
The 1.8 petrol is a much better bet than the 2.0.

On paper the 2.0 should be quicker, but even Evo magazine preferred the 1.8 in the real world. It's just a better engine, or so it is said.
spec confusion - AlastairW
As the owner of a 1.8, I concur. Performance gives little away tp the 2.0 and (IMO) it feels smoother at high revs, but as hinted above it murders the fuel consumption.
spec confusion - Blue {P}
When I was still in the trade my favourite engines were the 1.6 and the 2.0, the 1.8 just seemed neither fast nor economical in my opinion, although I accept it's a long time since I've driven them so maybe my impression is warped.

spec confusion - L'escargot
You will find plenty of Zetecs with aircon.

My apologies for the vagueness. "Aircon, Ghia: Climate control" meant aircon on Zetec, climate control on Ghia.
spec confusion - LesU
I have a Focus 2.0l Zetec 2002.
It not only has air con, but it has climate control. It was an optional extra. So was the trip computer and 6CD player, which I also have. In fact the only feature I miss compared with the Ghia is the variable wipers. In a dark colour the non-matching black side trim doesn't show.
The seats are not like 'sitting on the edge of a bucket'. They are some of the most comfortable seats I've ever had in a car. Last year I drove all the way from Essex to Edinburgh and had no problems.
The 2.0l lacks a bit of low to mid range grunt, but it accelerates beautifully in 5th at 50 to 70mph. It will also rev right round the clock nicely, but it does make you aware of it.
Other extras compared with the Ghia is discs all round. This car has the best brakes of any that I have owned! It is also one of the most reliable cars I've had the pleasure to drive.
Fuel consumption averages 32mpg mixed round town driving, about 36-38 on long haul high speed driving.
spec confusion - MikeTorque
The Ghia has more toys (which cost if they go wrong) than the Zetec, whereas the Zetec has a firmer suspension setup which helps the handling.

It's more of a choice between the suspension setup rather than the option lists, if you want a more comfortable ride then the Ghia is better but if you want sharper handling and a slightly firmer ride then the Zetec is the better choice.