99 1.8 d head gasket replacement - t2myd
hi .my headgasket went on my van yesterday , my local mechanic said its a easy job , just needs gasket replacing ,he says cos its a cast iron head they dont warp ,is this true and is he right in saying all he as to do is replace head gasket ?

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99 1.8 d head gasket replacement - TurboD
He's right that it is an old fashioned car with cast iron head. But why has the HG blown? If seriously overheated than warp can happen. Also is there damage to the head from burn ,from gases escaping?
But in my experience cast heads crack like mad with the diesel knocking, so back to my question - why. If coolant loss through cracking then no, you need a new head.
But if not, just give it a try, HG won't cost much- just a bit of bother.
99 1.8 d head gasket replacement - t2myd
the van ran perfect ,just the od time it used to loose water from header tank cap ,it ran fine yesterday ,temp gauge was showing half way ,then it died on me ,i left car a couple off mins ,turned on ignition and noticed temp gauge was high around the red