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We've got a 2nd hand Corsa a while back and had to use the spare for the first time. All tyres on the car are 155/80 13 but the spare is a 165/65 14.... I presume we just have the wrong while as the spare or is this correct ?
01 1.0 Spare Wheel Size ? - sails north
our 02 1.0 is fitted with 165/65/14 throughout including spare. best to jot down the numbers (ie 5jx13) and the two capital letters (ie WA, MK etc) imprinted on the center of the steel rims of your all your wheels and ring the dealer parts dept. it could be that a previous owner has sourced incorrect wheels to replace alloys he/she wanted to keep at selling on time.
01 1.0 Spare Wheel Size ? - Dynamic Dave
You'll probably find that its classed as a "temporary spare" and that although it's a larger diameter wheel, as the tyre profile is slightly lower the overall diameter is the same as the 13" wheels and tyres you already have fitted. Vauxhall probably just bung the same size wheel/tyre in the boot, regardless of what is actually fitted to the car. A 'one size fits all' if you like.

Plugging the 2 different sizes into a tyre calculator makes very little difference, a ratio error of -1.4%. www.tyretraders.com/Tyrecalculator

30mph becomes 29.57 mph
40mph becomes 39.43 mph
60mph becomes 59.15 mph
01 1.0 Spare Wheel Size ? - John S
Yes, standard Vauxhall (and other makers) practice to provide a 'one size fits all' steel spare, as the road wheels will all be much the same overall diameter on all models by adjustment of wheel diameter and tyre profile. Have a look in the owner's manual on tyre pressures, as this lists the various tyre sizes. Look on the bright side, although strictly 'temporary', it's a full size tyre and not a skinny space saver or a can of goo. I'd have no qualms about driving steadily for a decent distance on it.


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01 1.0 Spare Wheel Size ? - bell boy
if car was in an accident though it could be used as a contributary reason as two different tyres on same axle with different profiles and different slip angle characteristics
its bad enough explaining to customers that the spare is always a steel rim and when the size is wrong as well it just makes the job harder
bring back 550x12"s