1998 1.3 Programming Key Fob? - Baz121
Hi Guys, I am reposting this question as I did not get any reply to my question which I posted in Dec 08. I have a Toyota Corolla 1998, S Reg Automatic GS 1.3 bug eye shape UK Model car which I bought 2nd hand for my wife and it came with only one set of keys. I have acquired a new key Fob and would like to program it. Could some one please help me with the instructions. Thank you.

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1998 1.3 Programming Key Fob? - Sprice
I had this problem and one of the posters on this site (Yokel38) kindly posted the following procedure which worked!

Hello Sprice,
Right here goes, it's a bit of long one i'm afraid
Firstly, ensure your vehicle is a japanese buit example ie, chassis number will start with JT-----
1. get in drivers seat leaving door opened and key NOT in ignition
2. insert key into ignition and remove
3. press the door lock - unlock button (on door panel switch gear) 5 times (40 secs max)
4. close drivers door then open it
5. press lock - unlock button 5 times again
6. insert key into ignition
7. turn ign key from 'lock' to 'on' ONCE (no more as you can wipe all codes)
8. remove key from ign
9. the central locking should now start locking and unlocking on it's own
10. within 20 secs press and hold the remote 'lock' switch for more than 1 second
11. once more if the receiver has received the signal the door locks should start operating on own
12. close drivers door and open it
13 press and hold the 'lock' button on remote for more than 1 second.
14 the door locks should once more cycle lock to unlock on own, once this time
15. if another transmitter need tuning carry out steps 10- 15 with next transmitter

Baz, this should work for you, make sure the interior dome light works, is set to door and not set to off. Another thing, when you do the door lock-unlock cycle (steps 3 and 5 above) its 'lock-unlock, lock-unlock, lock-unlock, lock-unlock, lock-unlock.

My car is a 1997 bug eye model, I'm presuming the 98 models use a fob like mine (a seperate Denso unit not built into the key).

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1998 1.3 Programming Key Fob? - Baz121
Hi Sprice,
Thank you for your prompt reply. I did read the post where Yoke138 helped you with your query but I have a Valeo Blade Key with built in two button fob. I tried this method before and nothing happpend but I will try this again just in case I missed something. Before I do this could you please specify as where do we switch key from original to the one I got from ebay when I am going through these steps as far as I can understand that the new key should be used after step 9 am I right. Thank you once again for your time.
1998 1.3 Programming Key Fob? - Sprice
Hi Baz, sorry the procedure I posted wont work then if you have the built in fob. Have you tried Toyota owner's forum?

Here's the original thread where Yokel has posted a few different techniques for various Toyotas and one of them is for your type of fob I'm sure.


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1998 1.3 Programming Key Fob? - Baz121
Hi Sprice,
I have been searching on Google since December 08 and still haven 't found what I need. Anyway Thanks for your help and I will keep searching or bite the bullet and go to dealer in the end.
1998 1.3 Programming Key Fob? - IanmaNJ

Baz121 - did you ever get the answer you were looking for? I have the same problem with my 1999 Corolla (it's the bug eyed model) and can't find anything on the internet about how to program the key. The key is a 2 button remote built right on the key - KOSTAL Tx2T434.

Someone please help???

1998 1.3 Programming Key Fob? - blindspot

try going in to a key cutting place . check timpsons website. it could be coppied

1998 1.3 Programming Key Fob? - IanmaNJ

Thanks blindspot. I'll try Timpsons.

1998 1.3 Programming Key Fob? - IanmaNJ

Blindspot, Timpsons can't do it.

Can anyone help???

1998 1.3 Programming Key Fob? - Dermot O Donovan

Sit in drivers seat
1. Open drivers side door without the key in the ignition
2. Put key in ignition - turn from off to on, wait 10 sec
3. Push lock or unlock button twice, you should hear the sound of the lock mechanism.

Both buttons should now work.

I did this on a 99 corolla hatchback 1.33.

I know this was asked a long time ago but it might help someone else.


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