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2000 1.4 brake light switch problems - rip
Been having problem with the brake light switch which controls all 3-rear brake lights.

About 2 months ago i noticed all 3 light were on even when the brake pedal was not pushed, i adjusted the switch so that they come on when the pedal is pressed- all ok for a few weeks, then one day i noticed the brake light don?t come on at all. I purchased a new switch from gsfcarparts and i noticed the plunger section on the new switch was longer so maybe on the old switch it was jammed.

Fine all ok i thought- then about a month later exactly the same problem happened (plunger partially stuck in- so brakes wont come on when the pedal is pressed). Gsf replaced the part and now this one has lasted less than a week with the same problem.

So is there an underlying fault with the brake pedal or something else which is causing the plunger section to stick in, or could it be all 3 switches are faulty (2 from gsf, 1 the original).

Edited by rip on 26/03/2009 at 18:25

2000 1.4 brake light switch problems - andyp
I cant think that there can be anything on the car that would cause them to fail. I used to have a W reg Xsara and the brake light switch failed on that, a new one from the Citroen dealer was only about £1.60, it might be worth you trying a genuine switch, some pattern parts are not a great fit.
2000 1.4 brake light switch problems - mfarrow
It could be the switch is overheating - though I wouldn't like to guess why. Make sure all the lamps are working correctly, and that a filament hasn't dropped and is shorting across a sidelight.

Manufacturers put rather high current fuses in systems even when not required. I wouldn't expect much over 5A flowing through there.
2000 1.4 brake light switch problems - rip
all the lights work ok, but i will check the rear filaments

re overheating, it did feel warmish yesterday (not helped by the fact i found the brakes light were constantly on), but would that cause the plunger to lower its height?
2000 1.4 brake light switch problems - mfarrow
would that cause the plunger to lower its height?

When plastic (or anything for that matter) melts, it melts, warps, and creates 'stiction', so anything's possible.
2000 1.4 brake light switch problems - rip
thanks all

ive put a new switch in (original peugeot part). checked the rear and front lights and all seems to be in order and all bulbs work. there was very minor crust on some of the bulbs contacts- but i dont thing anything major- ive given them a clean. i have the feeling this switch will go the same way.

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