04 1.5 Spare Key? - rachel!!!
I've just bought a 2004 (54 plate) renault clio and it's only got 1 key. I obviously want a spare but have heard that getting it from renault will be expensive. I want one that works the remote central locking and does everything, is a renault dealer the only place i can get one?
04 1.5 Spare Key? - topbloke
yep, thats if you can find a dealer that is still solvent, most key cutting sevices will cut you a key but it will only get you into the car, it would need a chip in the key that would need programing (usually deaer only but there are some companys that can do this ) but if you want a plip key then the only way would be dealer, ouch regards TB
04 1.5 Spare Key? - David-RenaultUK

Hi Rachel, the key will need to be ordered cut for your car. It will then need to be programmed electronically so that the remote locking works and so that it can start your car. For security reasons we only allow our dealer network access to the tools required to do this. A dealer should be able to quote you for this over the phone and you might want to shop around between dealers.

You can find contact details for your local dealers using our website or just drop me an email with your postcode to eresponse@renault.co.uk

Hope this helps.

04 1.5 Spare Key? - DP
Rachel - a good automotive locksmith might be able to help. Keys for all makes have been officially "dealer only" for years, but these guys do good business and can be very ingenious in my experience, and for significantly less than a dealer will charge.

Try yell.com in your local area.