02 2.0TDCi Vibration with strong acceleration - theterranaut
Hi all,

just got this Mondeo. 80000 miles. As luck would have it, it performed flawlessly on the test drive and for 70 or so miles afterwards (mostly A roads). Then:

I had to slow to 50 or so for some traffic. Was in 5th gear, and when the traffic sped up, I gave the car about 50% throttle, and noticed a vibration through the entire cabin. This did not seem to be accompanied with any black smoke from the exhaust. The car accelerated pretty well, but not as quickly or as smoothly as before.

I had another 120 miles to drive, so tested it out. It seems that the vibration only appears when the car is given 50% throttle or more; more gentle acceleration means little or no vibration. It will cruise quite happily at 80, if I let the speed drop to 70 it will happily pick up to 80 again with gentle throttle.

Fortunately, the car seems to have so much torque that its still very driveable.

History of the car:
-new clutch, starter, dmf, 2000 miles ago.
-in July '08, a split boost hose was replaced
-an injector was recoded at 65000 miles; record for this says
-No 4 Cylinder was "reconfigured" at 55000 miles (thats what the document says)

Could this be a split intercooler hose? There's no black smoke noted. I'm sourcing a Haynes manual at present to help check.

I've also run through the 'gauge test' diagnostic (key in, hold down trip button, etc). This shows no DTC code. (I dont know how detailed this is.)



02 2.0TDCi Vibration with strong acceleration - theterranaut

I've driven it a bit further this morning. I'm now wondering if it could be something transmissiony. A friend came along and was certain that the problem felt like a work CV joint. Could be I suppose- I'm puzzled as to how this would be okay for 80 miles then suddenly develop an issue. Could it maybe have thrown a wheel balance weight, I wonder?

Anyway, its booked into my local garage for a check. If anyone has any ideas then please post.


02 2.0TDCi Vibration with strong acceleration - Carse
If you hadn't mentioned that the DMF was replaced 2000 miles ago I would have put my money on it failing.

02 2.0TDCi Vibration with strong acceleration - theterranaut
Thats what worries me. I do have the receipt from the garage who fitted it, but my beef is with the supplying dealer anyway.

Does this sound like a typical DMF failure/problem to you?

02 2.0TDCi Vibration with strong acceleration - theterranaut
Hmmm... just found this:


Could be? I wonder how severe a vibration this would cause? I will check this out

It feels almost like a loose engine mounting. Its that severe.

02 2.0TDCi Vibration with strong acceleration - gingerdog
dont no if this might help but my mondeo was getting vibration in 3rd 4th around 1800 2000 rev looked all over and under for weeks found it the other day it was the belt tensioner on tick over no noise or rattle only when under acceleration so took it apart and the tensioner is ok and even the spring all it is is the rubber bushes in the spring ford wanted 150 or more even cheap ones was 80-100 pounds so i got some bushes out of a old vw tensioner and it fit like a glove job done no more noise worth having a look only could see the split bushes when it was striped down hope you sort it
02 2.0TDCi Vibration with strong acceleration - dieselfitter

I just saw your post. I recently sold a 2002 TDCi 130 with 112K on the clock, which I owned from new. It was driven sensibly, serviced on time, oil changed every 6K and gave very little trouble (EGR replaced under warranty, split induction hose at 100K, that's about it).

However, I recognised your symptoms immediately from the title of your post, although I can't provide a technical explanation. My TDCi would do this in 5th if you asked a little too much of it, in terms of pulling hard from lowish revs, pulling hard up a hill in 5th and so on. Just drop a gear and all's well. I also used mine to tow a caravan and this drive train vibration under load was magnified by the extra load when towing, and would then show up in 4th too, even in 3rd if I tried to accelerate too hard away from a roundabout. But for me it was just a question of adjusting my driving style to avoid it, backing off the trottle a little and dropping a gear as soon as it started to happen. Never really considered it much of a problem, and never reported it as a fault. The TDCi is not short of pulling power if you work with it, and don't ask it to do things it doesn't like. I don't mean to sound patronising :-) - your car is new to you, and I got to know mine pretty well over 112K!

Of course, I can't be certain your car doesn't have some other problem, but what you describe does sound familiar. I think it is just a quirk of the MkIII TDCi 130. Hope this helps - enjoy your Mondeo!

02 2.0TDCi Vibration with strong acceleration - theterranaut
Thanks to both Gingerdog and dieselfitter. GD- I'll get that checked out. I think I know what you mean.

DF- Interesting. Not at all patronising, please dont worry about that. I wonder if I do just need to adapt? I drove it tonight, 8 miles or so at speeds varying from 0 to 65mph, and could detect the situations where it was about to happen. As you say, backing off a bit prevents the problem from occuring. I have noticed, though, that as you say, a sudden demand for power in 5th gear, say on a hill, provokes the shudder, but changing down doesn't seem to help.

I think I need to play with this a bit more. When it was in at the garage, they noticed that a rear tyre was warped, and also that the outer cv joints needed renewed. I've had the tyre done, didn't really make a lot of difference, and I'm now wondering if its worth my while going ahead with the cv replacement if it wont make a lot of difference either.

I think whats maybe coming into play here is- my last 2 cars have been Ford TDCis- firstly a 1.8 Focus, drove for 3 years and 70k miles, last was a Fiesta 1.4. Neither needed to be treated in this way, but maybe the Mondeo is different. I was more used to driving both of these though, so maybe. If it is just the car though then I'm a wee bit disappointed- I'd expected to be able to use all 130bhp when needed, in the same way that I could use all 115 in the Focus without anticipating or planning as such. Still- I'm sure I could get used to it.

I'm confused now!

Anyway, I'm glad you posted. Also good to know how unproblematic your car was. Mine has had a new clutch already, so hopefully it will never need this done again. I love the car, got to say that, its a great machine. If Ford keep making great-driving cars I reckon I'll keep buying!
02 2.0TDCi Vibration with strong acceleration - theterranaut

Not long back from the garage who installed the replacement clutch, who could find no trace of a clutch problem.

What they did find, though, was how 'mobile' the o/s driveshaft was. Apparently the bearings can fail or drop out.

Genuine Ford replacement is £298!!!
02 2.0TDCi Vibration with strong acceleration - SWR_Titanium
Hi all new to this website and also a proud new owner of an 05 Mondeo Titanium TDCi 130

Just seen this topic and I too have a similar set of symptoms with this vibration while the engine is under load.

A common fault with the TDCi air system is that a pipe leading to the intercooler on the underside of the engine bay on the N/S/F.

The offending pipe is easily accessed by raising the near side front of the car and sliding yourself under such that your feet are towards the front and you are on your back looking up just infront of the N/S/F wheel behind the back of the wheel arch.

The pipe itself rests in a bracket just a few mm from the subframe meaning that when the engine is being placed under load the vibration allows the pipe to make direct contact with the subframe causing the irritating vibration which is disproportionate to the scale of the actual problem.

Before going and spending money with a garage I recommend you find this pipe, undo the 2x 8mm bolts in the bracket securing it in place. Use some foam or a rag of some sort to pack up the pipe thus cushioning it from the vibrations, bolt it back up making sure it's tight and take it for a drive.

Done it on mine (I stuffed an ordinary 10 pence dish sponge in there) and the vibration is 80% gone!!

What remains of the vibration maybe caused by a worn bushing somewhere on the exhaust system or any number of things. Point is it's well worth a check considering the cost vs benefit.

Though a very delayed response to this post in 2009 I'm hoping someone will benefit from this little bit of info lol
02 2.0TDCi Vibration with strong acceleration - Sean C


I am very glad for your delayed response.

I've just replaced a split [intercooler to EGR] pipe and I know exactly which pipe you mean because I ended up having to remove this pipe (and said bolts - (10mm on 07 2.0TDCi)) in order to fit my new [£10 from Amazon] pipe; I couldn't get at the screw on the retaining clip of the intercooler section of the hose otherwise.

I'm experiencing a strong vibrational noise when the turbo kicks in and I will try your tip before involving a garage!



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