2007 1.6 Fuel Pump Filter Priming ? - vuv716g
I have a 2007 Ford Fiesta 1.6 Diesel Sportvan which has just covered 30,000 miles. I have just replaced the fuel pump filter (a large plastic box!). Unfortunately it will now not start.

I assume that there is an air lock of some description as despite turning over a few times and turning the ignition on for a period also several times I am unable to hear any sign of fuel.

I have undone the little black plug on the top of the plastic filter box and seen fuel go through but after doing it back up the car will still not start.

Is there anyone who knows the process of priming the filter that can offer any advice please ? I could not find a Haynes manual or a manual pump in the engine compartment.

Many thanks in advance,

2007 1.6 Fuel Pump Filter Priming ? - vuv716g
Sorted this out by attaching a piece of undersize silicon tubing to the outlet of the fuel filter and then used a turkey baster (like a giant pipet) to draw fuel through and into the baster. I squirted the fuel captured in the baster to introduce to the outlet pipe to get things going. The car then started with a couple of cranks after reattaching the pipe and air filter etc.

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