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Hi everyone
I'm looking to change the brake discs on my 97 fiesta and have been told that there is only two bolts which hold the calipers on and the also hold the discs on.
Is this true and has anybody had any experince of changing discs on a fiesta.
the discs are solid not vented.

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Try Technical matters?
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Two bolts to remove caliper and there will either be a screw to hold disc onto hub or a spring clip round one of the wheel studs-only there to stop disc coming off whenever you remove a wheel.

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With respect,

brakes are a very important part of any car and should not be messed about with if you are unsure of what/how to do it.

At the very least buy or borrow a workshop manual and read it first before attempting changing discs?

Obviously if you have questions after reading the manual the help provided here will be relevant then.