mondeo 2.2 tdci 06 model st - suzuki139
thinking of maybe buying one of these, is there any problems that i would need to look out for...thanks
mondeo 2.2 tdci 06 model st - ole cruiser
IIRC Clarkson didn't like it. Think the gist was, goes like stink but only within a very limited rev range. Take it how you like, of course- and I think he's softened towards diesels since then.
mondeo 2.2 tdci 06 model st - smokie
I was looking at these as my first diesel, but went for a petrol 2.6 instead. Had it a nearly a week and had the opportunity to drive it a bit over the past couple of days (500 mile round trip), it is a truly wonderful drive. When I researched the diesels I don't remember seeing many anti- comments. There are a few Mondeo forums around.
mondeo 2.2 tdci 06 model st - Orson {P}
We have these as response cars. Not bad, but they are not desperately durable for the (very hard) life that ours have.
3rd gear is also quite short - often run out of puff on an overtake.
Looks nice though!
mondeo 2.2 tdci 06 model st - ST Driver
I have one!

56 plate estate.

Been pretty reliable so far...

I had a leak in the front passenger footwell which was caused by a drain hose becoming disconnected. Replaced under warrenty.

The only other issues were when the car went into Limp mode. Ford dianosed a split turbo hose, which was replaced inder warrenty. Then went into limp mode again, diagnosed an EGR fault. Then went into Limp mode again. Diagnosed EGR fault again. I said what happened to the last EGR and they said they didn't replace it as they didn't have one!

I have to say that I think the car is superb just let down by a poor after sales service from Ford.

With regard the limited rev range, I have just fitted a synergy tuning box which now means the car pulls well all the way from 2000 to 4500 with no flat spots.

Check out as there is loads of info on there!

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mondeo 2.2 tdci 06 model st - suzuki139
thanks for all the info guys, atleast there dosent seem to be much in the lines of problems with them....
mondeo 2.2 tdci 06 model st - ST Driver
No, I guess it is like any car though, you could be unlucky! I put my foot down and still have a little smile as it accelerates!

I do have a thing for Fast Fords though!