2.2d4d fuel consumption. - wals avensis
Hi, Can anyone tell me what levels of fuel consumption they are getting from a 2.2 d4d avensis?
I have just bought one brand new old stock and I have had it for 3 weeks now and I am lucky to get 33 mpg out of it. I am old school at 44 and I have been driving it with caution (running in) I have been told this is not nessesary,but old habits die hard.
I was expecting around 44 mpg at least.
I also think it has quite a bit of road noise and when it is cold the cam chain rattles between 1000 and 3000 rpm, is this common. Also a strange klunk when i set off with the wheels slightly turned???
Please tell me these faults are not common as I have had a 2ltr turbo diesel carina from new and it is now 11 years old and I am wondering if I have done the right thing buying this car.
PS I have got it booked in on Monday at the dealers.
also the windscreen has what the wife describes as what look like stretch marks on it when it steams up and they will not come off no matter what you use to clean it???
Any help please??
2.2d4d fuel consumption. - grumpyscot
Mine got about 40mpg when new, but got better as the miles grew. By the time I'd done 5,000 I was up to an average of 44mpg. Don't notice any rattles - even if there were, I still find it quieter than almost every other diesel in that price range.

Tyre wear was a problem though - I had to get the front wheel alignment checked o/a extraordinary wear on the outside of tyres.

Windscreen - Mine had similar marks, but came off with vinegar and fairy liquid mix.

Otherwise - glad I got the car, although the seats are a tad too upright for my liking. Sound system is even better than the uprated system I had my Saab!.
2.2d4d fuel consumption. - ifithelps

Running in is probably the worst thing you can do.

Give it some wellie, however much that goes against the grain.

Think of it as exercising every muscle in your body, so you need a mixture of hard-ish driving.

A roads, B roads, up and down the gearbox, quick blast along the motorway - see the Italian tune-up thread.
2.2d4d fuel consumption. - wrangler_rover
For what it's worth, I have a 2.0 d4d.
I have done 51k miles in 15 months, noted all the fuel I put in it and average 52mpg. I admit the mpg has dropped recently in the cold weather.
I've also noticed that I get better mpg with shell diesel and if I use a certain supermarket diesel, the mpg drops & the car feels sluggish.
2.2d4d fuel consumption. - Brian Tryzers
We have a similar engine in a Verso T3 (i.e. not the T180) and get typically 40-43mpg depending on use; and that's with what I'd guess to be inferior aerodynamics to the Avensis. Ours is eight months and 8,000 miles old and seems to be getting more economical with use, although we haven't yet achieved the combined figure of 44mpg.

The small fuel tank is an inconvenience, though; I'm used to more than 600 miles between fills in my Volvo and the Verso can manage barely 400. The Avensis is longer, so maybe this isn't such a problem.
2.2d4d fuel consumption. - wals avensis
Hi, thanks for the reply, I will have to put some miles on the clock and see if it improves. Its going in on Monday so they might be able to do something. If they dont get the marks off the windscreen I will give the vinegar and fairy liquid a go.
I paid 13k new unregistered ,so I think I got a good deal for a TR. just need to sort out the minor faults.
Thanks again.
2.2d4d fuel consumption. - craig-pd130

Re. running in, you don't need to give it full throttle / redline, but you should give it some work to do to help the piston rings bed in and to blow the soot out.

On an open road (dual carriageway or similar), try accelerating using about half throttle between 2,000 and 3,000 rpm in 2nd, 3rd and 4th gear. Repeat this 3 or 4 times.

Then as the miles tot up, you can work it harder, up to the redline.

The latest generation of turbo diesels really only do their best work when the turbo's woken up, from around 1,750rpm to 3,000ish, I believe it's best to try and keep the revs in this range.
2.2d4d fuel consumption. - rtj70
wls avensis, which 2.2d do you have? Is it the 150 or 180PS version?

33mpg does seem quite low to me. But what sort of roads was that really on? Have you measured it using a brim-to-brim test or the trip computer?

I also believe colder weather will lower MPG on a diesel - denser air means more fuel will be used. And it will take longer to warm up thus affecting its efficiency. Or am I wrong on these points?
2.2d4d fuel consumption. - Brian Tryzers
>...denser air means more fuel will be used...

Can't work that one out - if anything denser air should mean more oxygen in the cylinder and more efficient combustion, but I don't suppose the difference is more than marginal.

I've heard that the anti-waxing additives the fuel companies add to diesel in the winter have a small effect on fuel economy but I can't say I've noticed this with mine. In any case it's probably balanced by the air conditioning working less hard.
2.2d4d fuel consumption. - Rhubarb

If you've got the 180bhp version, poor fuel consumption seems to be a common complaint. See Avensis, Auris & RAV4 forums here:

2.2d4d fuel consumption. - Guanocascade
When the engine has loosened up you will get between 42-44mpg.
The klunk is the ABS setting itself each time the car is driven.
Look forward to comfortable, trouble-free motoring!!
2.2d4d fuel consumption. - Colinburn60
Hi i bought one in April..It had two faulty injectors in it without any lack of performance..U should get on a run over 50mph and at least low forties around town..
2.2d4d fuel consumption. - Andy P
I'm new to the diesel - picked up my 2-year old BMW 335d just over a week ago and so far it's averaging just below 38mpg, although it did manage over 44mpg on a journey home from work. Not bad for a 286bhp motor.
2.2d4d fuel consumption. - VR6
We have one as a company car. Had it about 6 months and its done about 20k. When new the mpg was mid/high 30's. It now constantly sits at 40mpg - driving is mainly A roads and motorways mon-fri and local during the weekend.

It can also be a bit rattly when cold, this is normally a little better when the oil has been topped up to max.

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