2003 1.8 tdci Battery light flickering on and off - focusdriverneedshelp
Hi All,

My 53 reg focus has just started playing up and looking for some help.
Once started the battery light is off but after about 10 seconds it starts illuminating and going on and off or stays permently on. If it comes on and off and i put the interier light on this will flash on and off as well, you can also here a clicking noise coming from around the dashboard (maybe a relay?)
Once as well whilst driving the battery light, handbrake light,abs light all where flashing at the same time and also all the dials (speedo , rev counter, fual and temp gauge) would turn off and come on again after about 3 secs.
Car drives fine with all this happening and seems to hold charge as car always starts.
Any idea what is causing this?
Many thanx for any help

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2003 1.8 tdci Battery light flickering on and off - mikej
Some Focus owners have been known to have an issue with the circuit board on the rear of the dash - it might be worth searching the forum to see if their symptoms match yours.

Eg. www.honestjohn.co.uk/forum/post/index.htm?t=59692&...f
2003 1.8 tdci Battery light flickering on and off - statyler
Hi Jon

Did you ever find out what the problem was because I have the exact same thing happening with my transit conect.


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