2001 2.0hdi retro fitting of cruise control - bigun
Does anybody know if I can fit cruise control to my 110 hdi glx?
I fitted electric leather seats and they just plugged into the wiring which was already fitted to the car. Is it as easy as just buying the switchgear and plugging in or isnt the car equiped to do this?. I understand that i may need to go to the dealers and have it synchronised.
Any Ideas or am i flogging a dead horse
Where are you screwloose I need your wisdom
2001 2.0hdi retro fitting of cruise control - steve_earwig
Hi there. I had the same thought once but my 2004 ditto doesn't seem to have any spare plugs hanging around (unlike my 1998 2.1td). Of course, you may be lucky. Yes, you will need to go to Pug to have your BSI reporgrammed, I can't remember how much it costs but it's not cheap. I'd suggest you first see if the wiring's there, then phone up your local friendly Pug dealer and see how much they'll want and work from there. While you're at it check out the price of an aftermarket one and do the math, it'll probaly be a lot easier and cheaper to fit, especially if the wiring isn't there.

I'd be very interested to know how you get on!