Banned and now jailed - Spospe
This guy does not want to play by the rules:

Banned and now jailed - FocusDriver
Victoria Marquis, defending, said Latham thought the ban kicked in only when he handed in his driving licence.

How often is it that we've heard that a politician or authority figure has said to have made an "honest mistake"? This little toerag needs dealing with but he's using an excuse which seems to work remarkably well in the realms of parliament and local government. Why should he not be believed? Especially in view of the level of bureaucracy which reproduces fervently and often provides for the delay of punishment (if there is any) for "special people".

I hope this doesn't mean I'm a socialist or anything.
Banned and now jailed - Dave N
Poor guy. He should be made to stand up in front of his work-mates and apologise.

Or given a job in the EU government, and then come back and give the motor companies some money.
Banned and now jailed - martint123
I thought it was almost standard practice for someone in authority to be outside after someone is banned as this happens so often.
Banned and now jailed - Altea Ego
nothing new in this.

When i was in court in 1983, I popped in to see the earlier cases to see what mood the bench was in.

There up before the bench was a biker, greasy leathers, helmet in hand, being banned for a catalogue of speeding, no insurance, dangerous driving etc.

Upon recieving a two year ban he promply shrugged and walked from court. Two minutes later there was a roar of a motorbike engine reving up and form the court window the banned biker could be seen climbing on his bike and roaring away onto the main road. It was a Norton Commando.

Thanks mate - the bench was really in a foul mood after that.
Banned and now jailed - Pugugly
I can't remember a case where a driver was disqualified and wasn't warned about the immediate effect of the ban by the bench or the clerk.
Banned and now jailed - ifithelps
Dealt with at 'Liverpool Community Justice Centre'.

What sort of mealy-mouthed politically correct claptrap is that?

Musn't tell criminals they're going to court, they might think they've done something wrong.

Well, he did appear in court, before a judge, who locks people up.

No doubt he's now in Liverpool Community Facility for the Downtrodden and Misunderstood.
Banned and now jailed - Pugugly
I should tell you off but won't (not in a Mod way you understand but as a member of the Community Justice Community !) :-)
Banned and now jailed - ForumNeedsModerating
I can sympathise actually - not with the original offence, but the silly lapse afterwards.

I think jailing him is over the top - a prison sentence is a permanent stain on your character & prospects; perhaps an extra heavy fine or extension of the ban period would have been commensurate.

Banned and now jailed - martint123
I think jailing him is over the top

I think it becomes contempt of court when they do something like this and the judiciary don't like it at all.
Banned and now jailed - ifithelps a member of the Community Justice Community !) :-)...

What do they call it, PU - Stockholm Syndrome?

As in, work with these people look enough and you actually get to like them. :)

Happens to us all, found myself (almost) believing a barrister's mitigation the other day.
Banned and now jailed - woodster
Woodbines - you jest, surely? Or have I just taken the bait...

Pug - fortunately I havn't yet been infected with Stockholm syndrome. Only 6 years to go and I think I can just about avoid it!!
Banned and now jailed - astrabob
I've got a job where I'm required to have a driving licence. A good few years ago (so the story goes), someone in a similar job lost his driving licence. For the period if the ban, he was sent to the company's offices in Iraq.

Well, we've not got offices in Iraq any more. But we do in Nigeria. And the company's always trying to pursuade us that its a good career move to get some experience there. Now, that's an incentive not to risk your licence.
Banned and now jailed - madf
I've been to Nigeria. It was "interesting".

Judging by the drivers, none of them have a licence...

I objected to having to bribe customs in order to leave the country. (I had nothing to declare but that was irrelevant)
Banned and now jailed - ForumNeedsModerating
>>Woodbines - you jest, surely? Or have I just taken the bait..

No, not at all. If the guy had driven the car at a later date (next day, week whatever..) after leaving the court, I might have thought it was a premeditated & cynical action. To drive away from the court though in an open & (apparently) carefree manner, makes me think he was simply ignorant of the rules (no excuse of course..) & a less debilitating punishment would be appropriate. He might well have difficulty getting work in future (esp, his line of work) because of it. I think he was harshly dealt with.
Banned and now jailed - midlifecrisis
Anybody banned in court is told in no uncertain terms that they are now disqualified.

He's just another person who has utter contempt for the law.
Banned and now jailed - woodster
Woodbines - I have to say I think you're being naive in the extreme. Countless people take no notice of a ban and he's not the first to be caught driving from the court. Don't forget that if he hits you or a.n. other he is uninsured. In reality, you'd whistle for anything from him.
Banned and now jailed - GroovyMucker
"Community Justice" is something being tried in various courts. The fact that the word "court" was omitted is probably to do with sloppy reporting rather than anything else. The Community Justice Courts are intended to be better able to reflect the particular concerns in the areas they cover (which are parts of the Magistrates' Court area in which they work). Whether it works is another matter.

Given that the CCTV has every appearance of being used to follow this particular gentleman (zooming in etc) suggests that someone tipped off the operator.
Banned and now jailed - Pugugly
They knew - been there and seen it happen before.
Banned and now jailed - Fullchat
No seat belt either!!!
Banned and now jailed - SteveRob
IIRC - Ignorance of the Law is no defence, or is he just simply ignorant and arrogant, if this tw!t had run you over driving away from court would you be so quick to defend him - NO, didn't think so.