02 2.0 fuel gauge clock - dhivin

Any one ever replaced fuel gauge on the cluster unit. i have had a new fuel pump installed and now the fue gauge not working. the garage says it might be the fuel gauge which means changing the whole speedo probably. if so then what happens to the mileage reading that is in existing. i have managed to remove the shrouds and the lower plastic cover underneath the the column and all the screws bu the small plastic trim on the bottom of the clock cluster does not come out to give me access to the two screws holding the clock assy.

can any one help please.
02 2.0 fuel gauge clock - injection doc
Before ypou remove the cluster, press & hold milage reset & turn ignition on. Once "test" is displayed in milage reader release button & walk through test mode. Each time you press the button you will go to another test sequence. the gauges should do a full sweep. If the fuel gauge doesn't sweep you will know its a dash fault. If the dials all complete a full sweep then Progress to " dtc" if its flashing there will be faults to follow. post them & I will try & intreperate them for you or no doubt some one will. the codes will appear somthing like 9201e etc etc.
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02 2.0 fuel gauge clock - dhivin
Thanks for that info. the gauges did a full sweep and went thru the test sequences. the "dtc" was flashing and 9202 followed by 9204 showed up. cany u help at all to the next stage.
02 2.0 fuel gauge clock - injection doc
9202 fuel circuit open curcuit & 9204 short to ground. Sounds like wiring fault around or in sendor unit in tank.

This link may give you more info out of curiosity but I think you need to get the tank checked out. www.focushacks.com/index.php?modid=37

bet you didn't know that your dash was that good
02 2.0 fuel gauge clock - TurboD
Wow, I have a Mondy 2.0, not that there is a fault, but what a tip worth remembering.
I bet the garge 'fouled it up', they cure one probelm, make another and then blame the customer for whinging!
02 2.0 fuel gauge clock - dhivin
Hi Injection Doc,

i eventually ended up fitting another cluster unit of a mondeo ghia x. the fuel gauge now works but the tripmeter reading keeps flutuating and i don't get correct reading to show me how many miles of fuel is left. Do you think i have to reset on the gauge. the needle on the gauges work perfect. can you help please.


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