mondeo squeak in rear suspension - norman
After driving my Mondeo LX (year 2000) for a few miles (never from cold) I get a squeak when going over bumps or moving off from stationary from what sounds like the rear suspension area. I can't create the squeak by bounceing the car manually. Has anyone else had this problem, and would know which bush of of the many would be best to change, or lubricate. I don't think it's the shockers. Any help would appreciated. Norman
mondeo squeak in rear suspension - Dizzy {P}

Have you tried bouncing the car manually with the handbrake off. Some cars (not necessarily the Mondeo) develop a squeak from the handbrake mechanism as the car goes over bumps and the cable pulls a bit.

Squeaks from rubber bushes often disappear when they are wet. Have you noticed if the squeak is there in wet weather? If not, you could try squirting each bush with water during dry conditions, one at a time, and see if the squeak goes.
mondeo squeak in rear suspension - kithmo
Are you sure it is the suspension ?. My 2001 mondeo drivers seat squeaks, when going over bumps and when moving off, when it is in a certain position. I thought it was coming from the rear suspension or tyres initially. Try changing the seat position and see if it makes a difference.
mondeo squeak in rear suspension - qwerty
I had the same squeak on my 1997 mondeo ghia x from the rear suspension area,was able to trace the squeak to the rear anti roll bar bushes.Took the bushes off the car greased them with water proof grease refitted squeak gone .Hope this is of help


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