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The shops are full of good car guides, but what about good tyre guides? As I've recently found out with an older Vauxhall, a different brand of tyre can utterly transform a cars roadholding! Trouble is, I'm now changing car and cannot afford the trial and error approach!

Where can you find good, detailed information about the best brands, their characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, and which vehicles work best with which tyre?

Surely this is a negected subjest?
Re: Good Tyre Guide - Stuart Bruce
Harry I quite agree, also what irrittates me is that during development for a new model the test drivers and suspension engineers go through somersaults to determine which tyre performs best with the vehicle, only for something else to be fitted due to the bean counters. This means that OE fit is not always the best.

they have a tyre test report section
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Autocar and Auto Express do regular tyre tests. Today's issue of Auto Express (issue 655) contains a round of up the mag's weekly parts and accessories test. In the tyre section the rubbe that won was the Continental Premium Contact, but since there was a full page ad for the Continental Premium Contact on the facing page those of a suspicious nature might draw their own conclusion.

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I would have THOUGHT the way it worked was Magazine to manufacturer "Your tyre has just won our test ; would you like to take out an advert?" rather than the other way round ; but maybe my birthdate is 29/05/01
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I am furious !

Leasing company won't fit new tyres despite the fact that the front tyres are down to 2mm

This is dangerous and I wonder what would happen If I had an accident in the wet despite my asking for new tyres at Kwik Fit ?
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LeasePlan insist on fitting Dunlops, my car had Michelin Low Energy on before and it now gets 2-3 mpg less than it did before.

Which begs the question for anyone browsing this forum, do new tyres significantly alter speedo/odo readings, due to their slightly larger diameter?

Gut feel says no, but then I am no expert

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Take a look at issue 655. It's a space salesman's dream come true. Every product that did well in the tests is also advertised.

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I have always referred to the Consumer`s Association `Which?` Magazine. It usually trials them once every couple of years and you can refer to the magazine f.o.c. at any large public library.
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Thanks for the tips - i'll go and buy the mag tomorrow.

I also looked up the web site mentioned and it seems to be an excellent resource - well worth checking out. They list results of a basket of independant magazine tests on all the various makes and models, plus a very good facility to find out everyone who makes a tyre in the particular size you're after!! Its now firmly added to my favourites list.

for the tests see
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Hello Marcus,
I had exactly the same problem @ Kwik Fit, because the wear bars were not quite flush they refused to even ring the leasing company as they knew the response, see leasing companies thread.

The solution provided there by HJ involves the purchase of a baseball cap, wear it back to front and go down the local outlet car park on a Saturday night and burn off the tread with a few "mates."

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and get arrested ???

I did this wheelspin thing once with a rover 400, but the cabin very quickly filled with acrid fumes and it was just impossible.

Nice Idea though !!

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