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Can anyone help me to pursue Citroen over an enormously expensive repair I have had to shell out for, and over which Citroen UK justs shrugs it shoulders in a very Gallic way and says tough. This is despite, as far as I can discover, this being a well recognised fault.

The problem is this. The engine fault light comes on, but none of the suggested faults appear to apply. After a couple of stops and starts, the light will go out again. We had ceased to use the local Citroen dealer because they are about the most expensive garage in the place and hopelessly inefficient. Our usual garage could find nothing wrong. Eventually another light also started to come on, so we took it to a Citroen specialist. He found that a valve had stuck, and that the BEM, the electronic module that controls the engine, needed replacing. Their computer did not, at this stage, show up any other fault. When we took it out on a long drive, the engine fault light came on again, and this time the engine went into economy mode. This is to protect the engine, and this is what should have happened the first time. Diagnostic work, which the garage had done at a Citroen garage, showed that the turbo had to be replaced. All in all, the work has cost nearly £2,000.

If there is a fault with the BEM ? and all the evidence suggests that this is the case - then under the Sale of Goods act, they must put matters right. I believe there should have been a recall as soon as this fault was discovered ? instead Citroen is making money out of it.

If you have had this problem, please can you let me know, as I hope to sue them through the small claims court. I have set up a special e-mail for this

I should add that I have had Citroens for over thirty years, and that this is my seventh Citroen. I?ve pointed that out to Citroen, and they really don?t care.
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I found that fairly confusing. Can you add these details.

Year; fuel and engine type/size. [Engine code if you know it.]

What were the "suggested faults?" [Code numbers for preference.]

What was the "other light" that came on?

What valve was stuck and what was the evidence for this?

What is being described as a "BEM?" The engine control module or the body electronics module?

What was the actual fault with the turbo?

What evidence suggests a fault with the "BEM?"
The engine fault light problem - deb559
I have a similar story, C4 citreon picasso the engine management light came on intermittantly, went in several times to citroen and they could not fine a fault I was told at one point I had an empty water bottle!!!!

last week the turdo failed on the car and I have now been told the oil pump to the turbo has also failed! I have to say though as this happened the engine management light failed to light so whats going on! My dealer also is not interrested about the intermittant engine light they don't care either!
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Our Picasso (1.8 16V petrol 04 reg) does the same periodically.

I'm told they all do and yes, the local Citroen dealer (before they went belly up) said much the same.

It's only done it on start up so far, I dread it happening any other time as max speed is 30mph.
The engine fault light problem - uk_in_usa
I was just in Paris and practically every car seems to be a Citroen. What do they do, ship all the ones that failed inspection to the UK?

Back here in the USA, my work colleagues were laughing at the pictures I took of Picassos, C2, C3, etc., etc., until I pointed out that they'll be driving something similar within a couple of years the way things are going.