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Is there any noticeable difference between the drive in a 1.0L Yaris and a 1.3L Yaris?

I read a report about the Sirion where the reviewer felt it was better to go for the 1.0L as there wasn't enough difference between the specs of the engines.


Yaris 1.0L vs 1.3L - Pendlebury
I suppose it depends what you are using it for.
If it is just commuting or town driving, then it probably would not make any difference.
If you want to do any motorway miles then I would go for the larger engine.
I'm not sure if that answers the question you were asking and I have not driven either car, but just an opinion on my part.
Yaris 1.0L vs 1.3L - madf
Having driven both:
the 1.0 is ok in towns and motorways but noisy at 70 and poor when laden.
The 1.3 is better .

I drive a 1.4 diesel which is better than either :-)
Yaris 1.0L vs 1.3L - Pendlebury
I drove the 1.4 diesel in the Auris and was very impressed. In the Yaris it must be a very good combination.
The fit of the dash in the Auris was very poor. What was even more surprising was that a dealer would hand it over as a test drive car with bits of dash coming off ?????
Yaris 1.0L vs 1.3L - cheddar
Friend had a 2000 1.0 Yaris, fairly troublesome, electrics mainly.
Yaris 1.0L vs 1.3L - Gerry Nimmo
I am a new member, just about to post a message about a troublesome Yaris. My suggestion would be to avoid like the plague and buy something like the Sirion.>> Hi
Yaris 1.0L vs 1.3L - dxp55
SWMBO has a 2000 1.3SR and has been trouble free till last month and that is an increase in fuel consumption - Autotune man is coming tomorrow to check but it still starts first time and runs well. -- Only thing I have against it is road noise
Yaris 1.0L vs 1.3L - CarNovice28
I'd buy a Diesel if I felt I did enough miles. I do about 6000 miles a year at the moment because I commute to work.

If I changed jobs and starting driving, it might be more practical to buy a diesel.

But if the driving experience is better, then you have to take that into account too.

Yaris 1.0L vs 1.3L - Avant
There's definitely a difference, although as someone said above (sorry, writing this I can't see who it was) if you drive only in town it may not matter much.

The 1.3 feels a lot livelier, as does the diesel, but the diesel costs £1,000 more when new and presumably commands a premium secondhand. Depends on the mileage you do.

I'm usually a great fan of going for the bigger engine, but with some small cars the smaller engine has more grunt lower down the rev range, which is probably more useful for the tasks that small cars normally have to perform. The 1.2 Clio vs. the 1.4 (both petrol) is a case in point: I've never driven a Sirion but this could be the case - although doesn't it use a Toyota engine? Gearing could still be different.
Yaris 1.0L vs 1.3L - madf
Diesel is more enjoyable around town: lots of low speed torque so you do not have to rev hard when starting from traffic lights. *Exception: when stone cold, it's a bit flat and 2000rpm needed for uphill start for INITIAL takeoff : we have an upwards sloping drive and usually cut across road when exiting so lots of acceeleration needed)as it's a blind corner.

Yaris 1.0L vs 1.3L - CarNovice28
Have to admit that the Hyundai i10 1.1L is really perky at low revs and I like that.

Don't like to have to work a car up to any sort of cruising speed. The Mazda2 was like that - very hard to get going, as was the Aygo.

I guess I'm looking for something perky at low revs, then!

Yaris 1.0L vs 1.3L - sunbeamer
I would echo the comments about the 1.4 diesel Yaris. It goes really well, averages 64mpg and is only £35 a year road tax. The 1.3 is the next best, it is lively and pulls well from low revs, and you only sacrifice slightly higher running costs than the 1.0. The 1.0 is very revvy and it is quite difficult to pull away smoothly. Either the clutch bites too soon and the power dumps rapidly or if you try slipping the clutch a bit more the engine tends to scream away embarassingly. It is lower geared than the 1.3 and going above 60 the engine starts to become uncomfortably noisy, particularly on long runs.
Yaris 1.0L vs 1.3L - bazza
I have test driven the Sirion 1.0 and 1.3, which use the Yaris engines. The 1.3 is a really nippy performer and if your driving is out of town/motorway, would be a better bet. The 1.0 is a little rougher, being a 3 pot but to be honest, I only noticed a real difference out on the dual carriagway at 65+.
The Sirion is however much lighter than the Yaris, I would have thought the 1.0 would struggle a little in the heavier car. Great engine though, entertaining to rev and super-economical. I also test drove a 1.3 Yaris and found it an excellent car, would be on my list.
Yaris 1.0L vs 1.3L - CarNovice28
Just test drove the 1.3L Yaris auto.

What a lovely, smooth drive.

It was in a CDX 5-door - lovely!

Yaris 1.0L vs 1.3L - Gerry Nimmo
That would be an original "small" Yaris? If it's smooth it must be very different to the current one.
Yaris 1.0L vs 1.3L - CarNovice28
Yep - 1999-2005 model. I test drove an 02 reg.

Yaris 1.0L vs 1.3L - CarNovice28
Problem was, the dealer wanted £5695 for it!

1.3 CDX auto!

Yaris 1.0L vs 1.3L - KB.
I bought some Yaris's new from abroad about 8 years ago. Sold them on at a profit but did keep an auto and a diesel for a year each. This is, of course, the old shape. The one litre was noisy at speed and had gearbox whines. The 1.3 was much better. The 1.3 auto was superb, as was the diesel....the latter, both CDX. The new shape, I looked at in the showroom recently, didn't inspire. Flimsy dash and felt a bit tinny but does have a flat floor with seats folded, which the old one did not. Would have hoped that a new diesel would be reliable and economical but recent posts here might shed some doubt?
Yaris 1.0L vs 1.3L - CarNovice28
I've decided it's going to be between a 1.3L old style Yaris automatic (I'd buy the 1.4D but don't do enough miles to justify it) and 1.2L Hyundai i10.

What a decision to make! The only concern I have over the Hyundai is depreciation.

Yaris 1.0L vs 1.3L - KB.
Having, as said, had a Yaris 1.3 auto. on the road for a year I'd say it would be fine if you could find a genuine one......and that is more the problem than deciding whether it's any good. It is good - but make sure it's a good one. It has a small boot - and so does the Hyundai.. the two are fairly close size wise but the Hyundai would be new and the Yaris would be several years old - and one is Man and one is Auto - which do you prefer? The H will have 5 yr warranty the Y depends where you get it. If it were me I would, without doubt, get the H provided you can afford it.
Yaris 1.0L vs 1.3L - madf
The Yaris does have a small boot:
The rear seats slde easily to make more room
and they fold flat to make even more.

Of course if you want to take 4 on holiday with luggage for a week... forget it.

The Mark1 Yaris is reliable and you can find lots with low miles FSH and immaculate..

Depends how much money you want to spend.

I expect ours to last a minimum of 15 years by which time I shall need a zimmer frame:-)

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