1997 2.6 Electric Hood malfunction - sebringnut
Can anyone help with a cabriolet hood which opens only part way then sticks with the rear window section having moved up and the rear hood storage lid lifts about 2 inches. You can hear the hydraulic pump working and the hydraulic reservoir is up to level. There is no sign of any broken wires in the boot.
The windows drop down slightly as they should.
When driving with the hood closed the hood warning light flashes on the dashboard but not every time I drive.
1997 2.6 Electric Hood malfunction - Number_Cruncher
Whatever you do, take great care - if the mechsnism or switch frees while you've got your fingers in the works, you'll lose 'em.

1997 2.6 Electric Hood malfunction - elekie&a/c doctor
These can be a real pain to fix and usually very expensive.If the deck lid is not raising this could be due to a number of faults;solenoid valves on the hydralic pump ,limit switches on the lifting rams or control unit/wiring fault.A diagnostic check may help with the area at fault.hth


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