1995 1.6LX strange noises whilst driving. - njwatts
My wife is the main user of our (new to us) Primera and complains of 2 distinct noises while driving, both of which stop when she touches the brake pedal but then frequently start again immediately.

These appear to begin only after the car has thoroughly warmed up because I have only experienced them intermittently on my (shorter) journeys.

One of the noises is a high-pitched drone, can be at any speed. Possibly triggered by cornering. I have a feeling it comes from underneath the car... thought it might be indicate worn wheel bearing but jacked up the front last night and they both feel ok. Could it be a "harmonic" vibration in the exhaust or something like that?

The other noise is more of a whistle or squeak, perhaps more likely to be coming from the engine. I'm worried about timing-chain/tensioners but maybe that's just paranoia...

Any advice welcomed so I can perhaps investigate myself before passing the problem to the garage.

Perhaps it is not a coincidence that the ABS warning light is on quite often, but the brakes themselves feel ok and don't judder, squeal or anything when applied.

Thanks, Nick.


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1995 1.6LX strange noises whilst driving. - njwatts
Perhaps it was obvious.... Front pads etc. cleaned, new pads to rear (lipped disk) and presto it's fixed.


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