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98 1.1 ...maintenance/new owner tips - steveo3002
a family member has purchased a w reg 1100 (yes really) rover 200 , ive been asked to have a poke round to make sure its ship shape and trusty

im looking for tips on what to look for on this model

is the 1100 engine one that suffers head gasket failure? whats the cambelt interval?

are they as underpowered as im expecting

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98 1.1 W reg 1100...maintence /new owner tips - bbroomlea{P}
The 1.1 isnt as underpowered as you might think, although I wouldnt want to be on motorways with a car full!

In the last 7 years we have owned our similar aged 214 we have not had any real problems, but these seem the common ones:

- Tailgate wiring can fray - righthand side as you open it. It can cause a few electrical anomolies such as the HRW or wiper not working. Always good to keep an eye on the protective cover.

- Staying with the tailgate - the sparewheel well can fill with water and rust the wheel retainer to the car and hence no spare wheel coming out when you need it! Good to check rather than finding out on a wet dark night somewhere.

- Exhausts seem to last 2-3 years max - albeit cheapo ones so to be expected £90 will get you a full system though (cat excluded) so no big deal

- Headgasket still shows up on the 1.1 but generally not as a failure but as a result of something else failing - usually rads corrode or water pumps leaking - usually after the cambelt has been done for some reason (hence a good idea to change it at the same time)

- heater fan normally gives up on 1 and 2 - a quick swap of the resistor thats sat behind the glovebox for £5 fixes that in about the same time!

- Check for rust on the fuel tank and hammerite if its showing - not that common but starting to come up more regularly now they are getting older.

Thats about it really. Mine is on almost 140,000 miles now on the original clutch etc and is still as reliable as when we bought it. Just done 900miles in the last week as my Audi has had a puncture so had to use the 214 for our trip across the UK!

Cambelts are 5 years or 60,000 miles and although the K series doesnt have any inherint problems with belts if left age wise - I wouldnt risk leaving them on any longer than intended. Its a good idea to replace the powersteering/alternator belt at the same time as if you are unlucky a broken alternator belt will foul the cambelt and cost big time!

98 1.1 W reg 1100...maintence /new owner tips - steveo3002
thanks for the reply

how have you found the 1100 on fuel on runs and around town
98 1.1 W reg 1100...maintence /new owner tips - bbroomlea{P}
Mine is a 1.4, although I dont think there is that much difference.

On average my wife does 450 miles a week - mostly dual carriageway and out of rush hour. She gets around 40mpg. She does religiously stick to speed limits and likely doesnt do much more than 4000revs in gear though.

On a brim to empty tank on motorway at a steady 75 (70 on tomtom) you can get mid 40s.

Dont really do around town driving but I would guess 30-35mpg is achievable providing you are not doing chav starts at every red/green light!

The K series warms up quickly and is very efficient on fuel if driven sensibly. I dont think the 1.1 is 16v either so should have lower down torque than even the 1.4
98 1.1 W reg 1100...maintence /new owner tips - steveo3002
right the beast has arrived lol

seems to have quiet an oil leak from the top end not sure if its the uppermost rocker gasket or the other one thats about an inch lower down(whats that one called) any advice on chaging those..looks simple ?

no proof of any service history either lol

non std thats a shame the steering controls wont work

sunroof gasket is peeling...looks terrible and i guess that will lead to leaks sometime soon

spare tyre isnt rusted in , but its flat as a pancake , and the parcel shelf fixings are snapped off

will report back once ive been at the oily bits
98 1.1 W reg 1100...maintence /new owner tips - steveo3002
oh one other thing ...the remote fob only works at very close range (like 2 feet ) if i take the remote apart and fit a new battery does it require any recoding or such like?
98 1.1 W reg 1100...maintence /new owner tips - bbroomlea{P}
You can just swap the batteries - no need to recode. It isnt the longest range blipper but should work from a bit further away!
98 1.1 W reg 1100...maintence /new owner tips - steveo3002
thanks for that , i'll get a new blipper battery asap

ive had a quick google and it seems the sunroof seal can be reaplced easily , ive also search for said seal and only found one on ebay at £55 !!!!

anyone suggest a cheaper source for the gasket...i can see it causing some leaks anytime soon
98 1.1 W reg 1100...maintence /new owner tips - White_wolf
my girl friend has the 200 1.1 model.

The water pump started leaking and the rest you can imagine - I've rebuilt it after cleaning it and new parts.

Got to say I started it today after not being touched for 5 months and it still starts first time, good runner, even when the head gasket went it ran - only 40 flat out though!


Just do you weekly checks and if you spot anything sort it so its not too late and costly.

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