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2006 t180 - is it a good buy? - Sheltie508
Have seen a 2006 Avensis tourer t180 with 38k on the clock for £10795 and wondered if any thought this was a good buy. Haven't asked about Part ex value of my 2002 Mazda 6 estate at that dealer yet but was offered 3k at another supermarket and want to get rid of it due to rust issues.

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Avensis t180 - Collos25
If a t180 is petrol its way overpriced if its the d4d then its about a 1k over whats on offer.
Avensis t180 - Sheltie508
its a 180bhp 2.2l diesel top of the range.
Avensis t180 - OldSkoOL
Its a superb engine - however check fuel consumption on the test drive

Its claimed to do about 44/45mpg but most owners get about 40-43mpg avg.

Also check with a toyota garage. Some early t180 engines including the ones in the lexus is220d had injector problems. Every report i have heard, toyota have replaced the injectors, updated the ECU all free of charge even outside of warrenty but they didnt do a recall.

Maybe its wise to check with your toyota dealer if they are aware of this problem and what the action to take is.

Other than that its v.comfortable to drive, its quick and for £10k a good price.

Your only worry with a diesel (not just this one) is how it was treated before. Make sure it was serviced on time at a toyota garage and hope that the previous owner(S) didn't put supermarket fuel in it. Give it a good rev and blast when warm to kick out the soot; running on shell v-power for a few months.

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Avensis t180 - cheddar
I have driven one, not as strong below 2000 revs as you would expect and the 6th gear is much too long, very refined though, I would consider one.
Avensis t180 - rtj70
When I was selecting my last new car I noticed the torque curve for the T180 vs the 150ps models suggested it might not be as flexible. I liked the Mazda6 Sport disel in the end and got that.

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Avensis t180 - Sheltie508
thanks - OldSkoOL . Will find out the cars history but I think its owned by a bank as a lease car. But will find out some history etc. Have looked at toyota dealer similar car has 12.5k price on it.
Avensis t180 - tawse
Isn't it insurance group 11? I think the same engine in the Verso is 11.
2006 t180 - is it a good buy? - bristolmotorspeedway {P}
Check out the Avensis owners forum (Google it) and you will find plenty of discussion on the T180. Failure to live up to published economy is a common gripe. The 150bhp version of the same engine does without a Diesel Particulate Filter, or DCAT in Toyota-speak - many will say avoiding DPF is a wise thing to do with several different manufacturers.

You could get a 150 from a Toyota dealer with a lot less miles for the price you mention. If you absolutely don't need the extra 30bhp/100Nm then go for the less complex 150. This engine comes in several trims. A T-Spirit has all the toys of a T180, except has leather rather than Alcantara. A T4 loses leather and the CD changer (fairly insignificant when the CD player plays MP3s). A T3-X further loses Sat-nav and 17in alloys.

Note that Toyota upgraded the standard sat-nav in all applicable models in mid-2007. The previously optional full-colour version became standard, having previously been a £1500 or so option. One of these is far more desireable than the 06 model you are looking at, unless it had the colour nav specified as an option.

Around that time TR trim was introduced, has the full colour sat-nav and 17in alloys on top of T3-X spec. Seemingly a rebadged T4. I think the TR is the only mid-range model on offer now. Sorry, gone on a bit....

As an owner of a 2.2 D4-D T3-X with almost 36k on the clock, I seriously recommend the Avensis. A very capable mile-eater with a decent quality feel.

Be aware that a completely new model is due out in early 2009. Keep that in mind when haggling.....

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2006 t180 - is it a good buy? - OldSkoOL
Yes early 2009 will see the new avensis

If this doesn't bother you and you could wait you would get some ex-demo's at seriously good prices. Or even the trade in's will be cheap.

I also back what the previous post says and do have a look at 2.2 150ps car.

Its also a very nice and probably smoother engine.

The torque from the t180 is really quite savage and can be a bit jerky at slow speeds (around town). However the trade off is performance that just keeps going and going.

But the 150ps really is a nice drive and it will give you 53/54mpg treated nicely on a longer run. T180 v.rarely sees 50mpg.

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2006 t180 - is it a good buy? - rtj70
When I was looking as a company car driver the new TR spec looked good but was expensive as a company car. Basically a T4 spec for a lot less. But the monthly cost was hugely more. But I got the Mazda6.

I quite liked the idea of the 2.2 150PS over the 180PS but my wife liked the Mazda. So did I. I thought the difference per month for the Toyota would win her over (and me??) but can live with the extra cost. Well I have to and she knew it was more.
2006 t180 - is it a good buy? - Sheltie508
Anyone tell me where I can get a 2.2 diesel 150 for about the same money. Have looked on toyota web site and similar age Toyota Avensis 2.2 D-4D T-spirit Tourer with 39k on clock is on at 11995. Whereas the T180 I was looking at with 38k on clock is £10795. £1200 difference for the higher spec model. Even if their is a slight difference in px value for my mazda the t180 seems the better deal.
rtj70 you don't say what swayed you to the mazda instead of the toyota. The fuel consumption would not be a major issue for me as only do about 7k pa. Running costs however would be an issue.
2006 t180 - is it a good buy? - rtj70
My wife preferred the look of the Mazda, as do I ;-) The Toyota is a little boring to look at and I find the design of the dash etc. a little clumsy.

Got the Mazda for 48 hour test drive and it was some weeks later that Toyota could get me a test drive. Ironically my local dealer could have lent me one for a few days but the lease company were going to procure a Toyota through a dealer hundreds of miles from me so there was no incentive for them to lend it to me. So I liked the Mazda and didn't get a Toyota for a few days in the end - there was no point.

I think the Toyota was meant to be more fuel efficient than the 143ps Mazda diesel.
2006 t180 - is it a good buy? - Mr Fox
I would agree with the previous messages of support relating to the 155 BHP version of this engine. I have an Avensis Tourer thus equipped and have been extremely happy with it. I can easily achieve 50 + MPG yet the performance is excellent. I have done almost 60K miles in 2 years, frequent trips to Northern France, twice to the alps and once to the Cote d'azur, as well as many business trips around europe. It has performed consistently well, the sat nav is genius, and I can not imagine a better car for effortless motoring and great economy.

The design might not be the best, but the engineering integrity, and Ncap rating suggest a thoughtfully designed and built ( In Britain ) car
2006 t180 - is it a good buy? - Brian Tryzers
I'd endorse the 150 too. I drove both that and a 180 back in 2006 (from different dealers on different days, though) and wasn't convinced that the 180 offered significantly more. The 150 is plenty quick enough for me (and I'm used to a 163hp Volvo D5), although we eventually decided the Avensis was the wrong type of car for us and bought a Verso instead.

Incidentally, is there a way to find out which Toyota 2.2 diesels have DPF and which don't? I've read the manual for our 08 Verso 140 and I'm still none the wiser!
2006 t180 - is it a good buy? - bristolmotorspeedway {P}
Anyone tell me where I can get a 2.2 diesel 150 for about the same
money. Have looked on toyota web site and similar age Toyota Avensis 2.2 D-4D T-spirit
Tourer with 39k on clock is on at 11995.

One from Autotrader
2007 56 T4 2.2 40k miles, £10201

Presume it has to be a tourer? Here's a cheap hatch from Autotrader:
2007 2.2 T-Spirit 3k miles £9495
2006 t180 - is it a good buy? - Sheltie508
Same dealer actually has just got in a 2.2 D4D T3x reg Sept 2006 with 37k on the clock for £8695 so that might be a better bet then.
2006 t180 - is it a good buy? - loskie
I was looking at similar cars. There are a couple of used examples on the CSMA website which is also Loyds TSB Autolease that may well fit your bill. They also seem to come with a pretty comprehensive 12month warranty.
2006 t180 - is it a good buy? - loskie
Meant to say google them and you'll find their sites. Location I think is Birmingham area.
2006 t180 - is it a good buy? - loskie

Thats the link to one 150 bhp
2006 t180 - is it a good buy? - apm
We bought an 04 plate T4 1.8 hatch a few months ago, and are thoroughly delighted by it. Not the most exciting vehicle, but as has been said very well screwed together. Even with the petrol engine, it does about 36-38mpg on local journeys, 40+ on longer trips. We too looked at the Mazda 6, but actually preferred the look of the Avensis (perhaps we're strange...).

All round, a thoroughly splendid vehicle. Particularly attractive as the depreciation makes them rather good value.

Hope this helps & good luck finding your car,


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