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2004 1.6 - changing water pump - shadyarea
Advice needed please, im going to be changing the cambelt and tensioner
at the weekend and wondering if i should change the water pump
while im at it, seeing as i will have that end of the engine stripped.
I have only owned the vehicle for 2 months its a 1.6 zetec has done
63k, full service history dont have any problems with leaks or cooling.

what is the average life of a water pump?

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changing water pump - Collos25
I would
changing water pump - DP
I would too. The extra cost and work in the context of the rest of the job is negligible.

Bear in mind that seizure of the water pump or any play in its bearings will destroy the new belt very quickly.

My Volvo had its belt changed without the water pump (before I bought it) at 97k. I fully expect the next belt change to be down to water pump failure rather than mileage.

changing water pump - wantone
1.6 must be different than the 1.8 and 2.0 then as i don't think the water pump runs off the cambelt.Still best to change it though while you have all that room to work with.
changing water pump - eastenddoy

i just looked at the haynes manual the water pump is in the same place as 1.8/2.0
which is driven off the alt drive belt.
changing water pump - shadyarea
Thanks for all the replys you are correct in saying the pump is driven off the alt
belt.I need to take pully off pump to get covers off so while im doing that i will
put a new pump in only £28 from motor factors.I bet that if i dont change it come middle of winter pump will give up. prevention is better than cure.

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