1999 1.6 Power Steering fault - Learner1982
Im not entirely sure of the year of manufacture however the car is a vauxhall astra (v reg) 1.6 16v auto.
The problem i am having is that for that past 2 months of having the car the power steering has intermittently gone off and come back on again whilst driving at no particular time, Now the steering has completely failed and has given me a constant battery light on the dashboard, a funny thing is that when this happened i turned on the fans which made the battery light go off and let the power steering work again for about 2 minutes now it doesnt work at all. The indicator on the battery itself is green, the belts are tight and are moving and the fluid levels are ok (battery warning light remains constant)

Any help on this would be most appreciated

thank you Chris Golson
1999 1.6 Power Steering fault - Screwloose

The power steering is disabled if the battery warning light is on. Get your charging problem looked at/sorted and then the PAS should come back.
1999 1.6 Power Steering fault - Learner1982
thnaks for the advice screwloose. didnt realise it was a charging problem seems like a good place to start thanks again.
1999 1.6 Power Steering fault - Dynamic Dave
As Screwloose says.

The Astra-G power steering pump is electric. If the alternator or battery fails the PAS is the first to stop working.
1999 1.6 Power Steering fault - Learner1982
OK alternator has been replaced and sorted the problem out. Thank you very much.

however now when the car is running there is a bearing squeal which appears to be coming from the tension pulley was there a special method to put the tension pulley back on or is it simply a worn pulley or is the pulley too tight(pulley did not seem to move freely when it was off)

any ideas would b very helpful


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