2001 1.6 ECU problems - smithyf1
My Laguna had its 54000 mile service recently at a local independant garage. They said the idle speed was too low and adjusted the screw on the throttle body housing. When I collected the car the idle speed would not drop below 2000rpm so I took it back and they ran a diagnostic. I was then told the ECU had developed a fault and could not be repaired. I now face a hefty bill from a Renault dealer for the repair as the garage who did the service say the fault is a coincidence and not caused by anything they did, but I'm not so sure. Should this screw have been adjusted as I believe it is factory set and surely the ECU controls the idle speed? Could this adjustment have caused an ECU fault? Anyone had a similar problem? Appreciate any help. Cheers!
2001 1.6 ECU problems - Screwloose

The screw should not have been touched - any competent mechanic should know that.

Your "garage" have just volunteered themselves to pay for the dealers to sort out the mess they caused - if not; see a solicitor about a small claim....
2001 1.6 ECU problems - smithyf1
Thanks Screwloose, appreciate your input. I will definitely be taking action against the garage. Let you know what happens.

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