mpg - shadyarea
hi i will be renting a swb transit 2.2 tdci in a couple of weeks time to drive
to glasgow and back which will be about a 1100 mile round trip.I have looked
on fords web site to find out offical mpg figures but cant find any, can find power
output but thats it.I want to plan in advance how much it will cost in diesel roughly.Will be loaded with furniture on way up,empty on way back.Can anyone help?
mpg - jc2
Official figures are not required to be recorded for commercial vehicles.
mpg - FotheringtonThomas
You could guess at 26 MPG. Well, I could, anyway. It will depend to a large extent, of course, on how fast you go. Say about £250, assuming diesel at £1.3/L.
mpg - Waino
It will depend to a large extent of course on how fast you go.>>

I hired a Transit luton van a couple of years ago for a 300 mile round trip to pick-up/drop-off some furniture. Being unused to a vehicle as large as this, I drove it carefully (i.e. not normal white-van style) and got such abnormally good mpg that when I told the hire firm how much it had taken to replenish the tank, they didn't believe me. They took it round to a garage to 'fill it up' and found I was indeed telling the truth.
mpg - Dave_TD
Mpg in a SWB van should be more like high 30s empty, mid 30s laden, especially on a long motorway run such as yours. Cruising at 60-65mph instead of 70-75mph will make a big difference to the economy too, and not much difference to the journey time because at 70mph you will slow down going up most of the hills. Quick tip - 99% of the HGVs will be doing almost exactly 56mph, knowing this helps greatly when judging exactly when to pull out and overtake at a 60mph cruise.


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mpg - ifithelps
Easier said than done, but find a load in Glasgow to fill your empty return leg.

Wouldn't matter then what mileage the Tranny did, you'd still be quids in.
mpg - Mapmaker
Easier said than done but find a load in Glasgow to fill your empty return
Wouldn't matter then what mileage the Tranny did you'd still be quids in.

The thought of it: insurance, income tax, third party liability. Just don't go there.
mpg - ifithelps
The thought of it: insurance income tax third party liability. Just don't go there.


M'thinks you are far too quick to find problems.

Insurance - what do you imagine the OP put on the proposal? Something like transporting goods, or nothing at all.

Is he uninsured for the carrying of goods because he is pointing south rather than north? I doubt it.

Income tax? Do the Inland Revenue care if someone gives him £100 to move a box as a one-off? Once again, I doubt it.

Third part liability - see 'insurance' above, and the sender may have their own cover.

I'm all for doing things right, but let's keep a bit of perspective.
mpg - Big Bad Dave
He would certainly need goods in transit insurance if he's carrying a commercial load. He won't have courier insurance as part of his deal either, if he comes back laden with 30k worth of print work for a London ad agency and spills it all over the M6, he'll be paying for it for a long time.
mpg - FotheringtonThomas
Mpg in a SWB van should be more like high 30s empty mid 30s laden
especially on a long motorway run such as yours.

Wow! That's as good as my last few cars! Can you guesstimate the MPG achieveable from a Nissan Cabstar, say E90?
mpg - cjehuk
Drove a LWB Hi-Roof LDV Maxus to Glasgow and back and averaged 28mpg over 600 miles so would suggest you'll manage 30+ if you don't cane it. Exactly the same loading as you have too - we were moving house.
mpg - BobbyG
My works Transit gets 31-33mpg which is mostly around town.
Its a diesel though not sure I think its the 2.2 - certainly has the 85PS engine.
mpg - Blue {P}
The computer in our works Transit minibus (LWB model) was showing about 28mpg when I last drove it. I have to say, it was my first time driving anything quite so big so I was enjoying myself :-)

mpg - Spospe
Just returned from a 5000 mile tour of Norway in our MK7 140/350 Transit based motorhome (an Autosleeper Duetto) and we averaged just over 34 mpg.

Motorhomes are nearly always heavily loaded as they have so much fitted equipment and carry quite large quantities of water.

We were touring and as a result driving quite slowly, so I suspect that your actual consumption to and from Glasgow may be worse that this. Especially if you intend to drive at 60 and above.
mpg - dieselbob
My works transit (130/100 i think) does low 30s lightly loaded with few long runs. My 2.2 cd110 vito averages 33mpg when driven as a car locally but will achieve 37mpg on a Mway run at around 60mph. This drops to 24mpg when loaded and towing caravan.
mpg - shadyarea
Thanks for all the replies the mpg figures thats been posted do seem to vary
and quit disapointing. 60mph is not really a option its a 9 hr journey from plymouth by car with a few stops on way.Have tried slowly before got bored after 30 mins and concentration tends to go awol.

The stepson is paying cause he wants to move back home but i dont want him to be
paying out over £250 in diesel, van hire is £132 for 3 days from ford dealer pick up
friday afternoon return monday morning .so im going to look into a vauxhall movano 1.9cdti or a vw transporter to see if mpg is any better.

mpg - dieselbob
Dont forget to caculate in that speed limit for vans on all but Mways is 60mph.
mpg - legacylad
In late June I rented a new Peugeot Boxer to move the contents of a flat from Oxford back to North Yorkshire. I am not sure of the exact model, but it was mid length with a high roof, and, most importantly, a 6 speed box. Average consumption was 39mpg, which considering the duration (and speed) of motorway use was amazing. Light years ahead of my previous LWB HiRoof Transporter, which, admittedly, was a '97 model. Very refined with subdued wind, road and engine noise, plus a decent stereo, and was more than happy in the overtaking lane....


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